Thursday, April 22, 2021

Etsy Wins

 I made two good purchases for the house from Etsy last month...

 The first was a cute bunting banner that I wanted to get for filling up the empty space above the sliding glass door wall in the kitchen. I tried to make peace with that empty space for over two years, but I just couldn't do it. It was too blank and boring and blah. I was always glad when the Merry Christmas banner was up for December and the Happy Birthday banner was up for birthdays. But they couldn't stay up all year, obviously, so...bunting to the rescue! I picked one that was in nice neutral colors, and I'm very pleased with how it looks. The space is now effectively and attractively filled, ✔!

My other Etsy win was this adorable set of book letters that are made from real books for the office bookshelves.  

I know the picture isn't the best so I'll post some better ones in a few weeks with the book letters in action on their bookshelf. The seller was great and she made it easy and fun to pick the colors I wanted, and I even got to choose which books for her to use based on their cover patterns. She was super-quick about it all too. I'd definitely order from her again. Bonus, she was from Utah and I'm pretty sure she was LDS!

It was Etsy for the double-win last month, brightening up my home in fun, easy ways!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Pets in March

 Time for a pet post! Bentwood is the main star of the show for this one.

One day, I caught him trying to jump rope. 

"How do those humans do it?"

"I guess I'll just lay here and look cute instead."

I always get a kick out of of how he stands up to get a drink of water in classic water fountain fashion.

"Are you really taking a picture of this? I've been doing it all my life. NBD."

And finally my little lady Violet, who likes to snuggle up against my slippers. Sweet!


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Sam's Turn

It's time to balance things out a little since the last two posts have been about John. Here's one for Sam!

I don't know why but this random picture of him makes me LOL 😆

This is one of Sam's weekly practice charts for piano. I'm impressed by how well he's advanced with Zoom piano lessons for the last year. Kudos to both him and his teacher!

On his Switch at lunchtime. Not a great habit!

After Sam finished the Percy Jackson series, I took him to Jeff Kinney's bookstore to check it out and to get the next Rick Riordan series he wanted to read, as well as Jeff Kinney's newest Wimpy Kid book (pictured below).

He also picked out a stuffed dragon while we were there. He hit the bookstore jackpot with six new books, a dragon, a super-realistic looking egg bouncy ball, and a free Easter basket!

A funny drawing he did.

I love my babydoll so much!

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Sweet Sixteen

 I'll start out this post in classic cliche fashion by saying that I can't believe I have a sixteen year old and that John is sixteen! Time really does seem to speed up the older they get!

Balloon photo shoot! John was thrilled, as you can see. 😐 

There's a smile! 😊

We had tacos and sparkling cider for dinner the night before his birthday. The birthday boy gets to choose the menu. We went out to dinner on his actual birthday, as you will soon see.

I set out his presents the night before the big day after he went to bed. Since it was a special milestone birthday I set out his baby picture with his baby stats and footprints for a special touch.

It was an asynchronous day on his birthday so he didn't have to go to school, which he of course liked. I made his favorite pancakes for breakfast.

You may have noticed the unimpressive number of presents in the picture (or two) above. Two presents, to be exact. That's because I was able to acquire a very hard to find, almost impossible to get, unavailable everywhere, XBox Series X. Already a pricey item, I paid quite a bit more to win a bid on eBay to get a brand-new one. I did it for John, and I have no regrets! So that was his big and just about only present, and he didn't mind a single bit! (The other present was a humble little book!)

That evening we went out to dinner at a place of John's choosing, which was a hibachi grill. My mom, sisters, nephews, and niece and her boyfriend joined us. It was really fun, and as usual with hibachi, the food was delicious. This is one of my favorite ways to eat out because the food is so fresh, cooked right in front of you, and the chef is always entertaining.

The restaurant workers came out with a special dessert for John at the end and we sang to him while one of them banged a gong in between the lines of "Happy Birthday." It was great fun!

Four cute boys in a row, in color and black-and-white!

I call this one "four dudes and a lady." 😆

It was a fun birthday for John, and a special one. I'm so proud of the great young man he's growing into. He's a hard worker, good friend, faithful priesthood holder, athletically talented, so good with kids, and he's sensitive and loving. I'm thankful that he's mine! 

{And I'm really going to enjoy singing to him on repeat this year "You are sixteen going on seventeen" from The Sound of Music! Ha ha!}

Monday, April 12, 2021

Party Time!

 There are three birthdays in our family in March and they're only three days apart and two are on the same day (did that make sense?). The special birthday peeps are John, Rocco, and Elizabeth. This year we were able to have a fun family party to celebrate all three at the same time.

A smorgasboard of balloons!

John's cake--all vanilla because for some reason he doesn't like chocolate cake

Rocco's cake was made of donuts with a layer of frosting on top. I'd never had a cake like that before. It was delicious! It's in the shape of a fish because Rocco likes fish. 🐟

I had promised Shane that I would get out the bounce house, much to the boys' delight. This is the Fisher-Price barn bounce house that we've had since the boys were little. I'm amazed that it still works and that it can handle four big boys at the same time! It may not work for too much longer! 😄

Can you find all four of them?

When it was time for cake, the birthday boys and girl had special candles to blow out away from the cake, since we're living in the age of Covid (and it's more hygienic anyway!).

Cake! 😋

Presents! 🎁

(Check out the awesome cactus plant in the background that Rocco got!)

Shane and his crazy Nerf bullet fingers!

I wanted a picture of me and John because we don't have a lot of those as he's gotten older. Also, we're just about the exact same height and weight now and I wanted it documented. It took sixteen years for that to happen! A milestone in our parent-child relationship!

It was a fun day and a fun way to celebrate three special people in our family!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

February 2021 Randoms

I loved February's Egyptian Pyramids Dishscape! It made me feel like Amelia Peabody all month.

I appreciated this Wall Street Journal article about the therapeutic value of reading books.

I do most of these. The only one I really don't do is audiobooks.

I'm a big believer in the power of routines and schedules.

The December 2020 issue of the The New Era (a magazine I read as a teenager and one that John reads) was the last one before it changed to the new For the Strength of Youth magazine in 2021. 

A cute shop in the town next door

I loved Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp. RIP.

Dinner out with Jen and Jill. Friends since junior high!

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are traitors to New England, but congrats to them on winning the Super Bowl. 

Speaking of Tom...(this is a picture in our house)

A cute cookie for Valentine's Day

My mom's front door got "heart attacked" by the young women in her ward. Cute!

A good quote from Dr. Seuss that gets used by the anti-abortion crowd (of which I am a part): 
"A person is a person no matter how small."

I got a manicure. The pale pink shade turned out to match my electric toothbrush and Clarisonic skin brush exactly. I guess I'm really attracted to that shade!

The power of good sleep

My high-school history teacher passed away.

Good advice

We had a Relief Society activity over Zoom led by a woman in the ward who's a professional organizer. I loved her presentation and her slides, and I love organization. It makes my life run so much better!

This woman's obit could be mine! (Knock on wood)

These are some of the reasons I like having a blog.