Thursday, December 9, 2021

August 2021 Randoms

Aurora/Sleeping Beauty is one of my childhood favorites, as is this magical scene in the woods when she and Prince Phillip find each other. "I know you, I've walked with you once upon a dream..." 💖

Pretty sandals. Impractical, but pretty.

A Roblox creation by Sam


I found this cute owl family mug at an antique shop on the Cape. 

I enjoyed organizing my collection of vintage Nancy Drew books. I put them in order of their publication date.

I'm going to keep the pictures on my phone so that I can use them when shopping in the future so that I know what I have and don't have. (I know, I'm a genius.)

The traditional family really and truly is under attack in so many different ways.

At John's annual check-up. I can't believe my little boy is a young man now. Sometimes I really miss him being little, but I'm also glad that we're where we're at now. 

My friends threw a surprise birthday party for me and Sharalyn (we have the same b-day). I had no idea they were doing that! The two cakes were so delicious. I have the best friends!

This is cool! I want to go to Egypt so much and see the pyramids and sail down the Nile and go to that Grand Egyptian Museum, which sounds amazing.

This one didn't make it into my crazy times post yesterday, so here it is now.

Gilbert Noble, the founding Noble of Barnes & Noble, is my fifth cousin four times removed. I think I should get a lifetime discount at B&N for that! 😄

Oh hi!

More birthday cake! This was a good one too.

Sam being silly

And John being very silly! 😂😂😂 (Don't tell him about this!!)

The silliness continues!

We still use this Fisher-Price bounce every once in awhile! I can't believe it's held up as well as it has! It's around ten years old!

A little frog on the sliding glass door

Go Penn! Maybe I'm just old but these students look so young!

This one didn't make it into my crazy times post either. The Afghanistan pullout in August was a tragic disaster and made me dislike Biden and his administration more than ever.
"With three-and-a-half years to go in his Presidency, the world is going to become much more dangerous." 😔

I want to be this woman. 🦉

I took Sam to his middle school orientation. It's neat that he's going to school in the building that was my junior high and high school!

Pretty owl candles

I'm no fan of China and its dictatorial policies and government (among other things) but I kind of like that they're cracking down on video gaming! 😆 My boys could use that!