Friday, June 28, 2024

"Donna Wins" + Things I'm Looking Forward to in July

 MWEG does this thing each month in our online office space called "MWEG Wins" where we can post successes we've had in our work for MWEG that month. I've decided to adapt it for my blog to document my personal "wins" for the month. I don't think I'll do it every month, maybe just those months when I need a little extra boost or want to document some successes in my life. So, without further ado, I give you some of my wins for the month of June. All except for the first and last ones are work-related. Nothing too momentous, but wins nonetheless!


I've been bitten by the travel bug and booked a trip to Guatemala for a yoga retreat this winter! It will be my first time traveling internationally by myself.

I applied for an additional library substitute position at another library (I'm still doing it for my town library, and I love it!). I don't know if I'll get an interview, but I'm glad I put myself out there and applied.

I hosted two live "office hours" for the Op-Ed Lab on MWEG's new member website. I'd never done anything like that before. We're going to do two each month going forward. Growth!

I've been working on planning and developing content for a virtual summer writing group that the Op-Ed Lab is running. Again, it's something I've never done before, and sometimes I'm not sure what exactly I'm doing! 😅 I'm thanking my lucky stars that a few months ago I hired a writing professor as one of our editors—her help is invaluable, and she helps make up where I lack. This is also a professional win for me because I had great candidates to choose from who all would have done a great job, but I think I chose the very best one who complements me well.

I started doing work for Rhode Island Moms.

Cape Cod Moms got a lot of hits this month, partly because one of our posts (that I did some extra good editing work on, I might add--for the layout, the pictures, and the text) went viral!

Similarly, my humble little blog here has exploded in views this month. It's reached nearly 20K for the month of June, where usually it's closer to half that on a monthly basis. I'm not sure why; I think adding hashtags to the cruise posts might have made a difference. Also, the superb quality of the writing helps. 😜

Okay, enough bragging. 😁 (There's plenty to not brag about, believe me!) Here are things I'm looking forward to in July, one of my favorite months of the year in my favorite season!

Vacationing on the Cape a couple of times

My dad arriving for his annual visit

The Republican National Convention (who will be Trump's VP pick??)

In that vein, possibly/probably finding out who the new Democrat presidential candidate will be. After last night's debate, it's clear to everyone now, Dems and the liberal media included, that it can't be Biden. (I've been saying for years that he never should have run for president in the first place due to his badly aging mind. I only take minor satisfaction in being right about this. His age-related blunders make me sad.) The Dems are in a real pickle now because of their poor choice of Kamala Harris for VP. I'd love to be a fly on the wall of the strategy meetings/panic sessions they must be having. The only Dem who strikes fear into my heart as being able to beat Trump is Michelle Obama because of how popular she and her husband still are. 
Alright, I've gotten a little sidetracked. But I'm intrigued to find out what will happen in the next few weeks. Will they wait until the Democrat National Convention in August to replace Biden, or do it before then? Time will tell. Maybe July will tell! 

The Olympics in Paris beginning

My birthday

Aaaaand, that's about it! 😆 I'm going to be working a lot in July, and the boys are going to be away for half the month, so it's not going to be the most exciting of months! 😑