Friday, December 17, 2021

Sam's 12th Birthday

 Sam turned the big 1-2 in September! It's his last year of not being a teenager. Well, at least until he turns 20. 😄

First up: the "iconic" number balloon pictures!

I tied the balloons to the bookshelf so they wouldn't float to the top of the ceiling, which is pretty high in this room.

Sam requested Chick-fil-a for dinner, so we were in Chick-fil-a nugget heaven. Delicious!


His big present was an air hockey table! He really liked the air hockey table at the Hansens' house when we stayed there in July, so I decided to get one for him. It's smaller and not as fancy as theirs, but it's fun and it lights up and it works well. We've been having fun with it!

Our game room is now in the storage room. It works!

He wanted an ice cream cake so that's what we had, with my really good super-professional writing on it. 😆

Birthday candles in the age of Covid 

Singin' to Sam

My mom got him this hoodie, which is perfect for him.

Me and my baby. He'll always be my baby!

The weather was beautiful so we all went for a nice walk down the street to the lake and through the woods. These "Happy Birthday" letters were out on a neighbor's lawn. How serendipitous!

Mist on the field during our walk.

Sam opened his presents from me the next evening. His big gift was the air hockey table which he got the day before, but I got him a few other little things.

I got him a head wrap that you put in the freezer for when you have a headache because he sometimes gets a lot of those. Here he is modeling it. Ha ha!

He likes these little models of roller coasters, so I got him one of those and he put it together right away. This kid is going to be an engineer who designs roller coasters one day, I'm sure of it!

It was a fun birthday for my youngest and most darling boy (sorry to be saccharine, but it's true!), who I dearly love and am so thankful for every day of my life!