Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Around the House in September

Here are the boys goofing off when they got home from school on the first day... 

Creepy handprints on the blanket (they're mine...or are they? 👻😁)

Sam and Rocco showing off their geodes

I thought Violet looked cute the way she was laying on the couch propped up on a pillow. What a lovely lazy little lady she is. 😄😘 

I guess we both like pillow propping and being lovely lazy ladies!  

I was never into seasonal bedding until he who shall not be named left. Maybe I'm getting glimpses of my true self as a single lady, I don't know. What I do know is that when I saw this cute fall bedding set in a catalog I had to get it!

It's got owls!

I like my room, especially when the afternoon sun shines in nice and bright like this.

And I like when the morning sun shines in on the back side of the house and lights it all up.

I got myself pretty pink roses for Sam's birthday. I grew him and hatched him after all, and it wasn't easy! But it was certainly worth it!

They bloomed beautifully! Just like Sam.

In September some of the bigger tomatoes grew. They were good but not as good as the cherry tomatoes. Next year I think I'll just do cherry tomatoes. But it was rewarding that both types grew.

I didn't do well with keeping them staked as they grew. Oops!

They're both 12 but I call them "screenagers" when they're on screens like this 😉

I organized the coat closet and everything in it! Very rewarding. 😁