Monday, June 10, 2024

Florida + All Aboard!

 We were on our Royal Caribbean Western Caribbean cruise at this time last month, and now I shall proceed to start posting about it! 

John conked out on the bus ride to the airport. (He stays up too late!)

Sam, me, and John (and someone's butt 😆) before our flight from Boston to Orlando took off.

We stayed one night at the Radisson Resort at the Port in Port Canaveral because it's close to where our cruise ship was. It was a nice place, and I'd definitely stay there again.

It had a good pool (and hot tub!).

The boys had fun wrestling in the water. As I said on Instagram, "Water wrestling is better than mat wrestling!" (The boys thought this was corny of me, but it's true!)

Sam had a plateful of bacon at breakfast in the morning. That boy and his bacon!

I met someone. He's out of this world. 😜 
Being in Port Canaveral, we were near Cape Canaveral. It would have been fun to go there, especially since Sam is really interested in space. Next time!

I had to remind myself of some nautical terms before we left for the ship. It had been six years since our last cruise, after all. Our room was in the front of the ship (the bow) on the starboard side.

Boarding the ship was amazingly quick and easy. Since our last cruise, things have gotten even easier, including passports and customs. I was very pleased with how smooth and efficient it all was.


That gangplank is where you get on the ship.

And we were on! We sailed on the Wonder of the Seas, a huge, beautiful ship. Up until January, it was the largest cruise ship in the world. Now it's the second largest.

We explored some of the ship after eating a delicious buffet lunch in Windjammer. Our room was right below the Solarium, an 18-and-up area at the front of the ship that was so nice for relaxing (and hot tubs!).

This little carrot cake dessert was delicious!

Views before the ship departed...

Views from our room's balcony. It got way better soon after this when the ship left!

There was a giant silver cowboy hat in the atrium.

While the boys went on the waterslides, my mom and I relaxed on the pool deck in a nice shaded area on comfortable chairs with a good view for when the ship departed.

And we were off! Western Caribbean, here we come! (Came!)

I didn't take many pictures of our room during the cruise—these are pretty much all of them! It was cozy but comfortable, and nicely set up.

John was sleeping (again 😆).

Having an ocean-view balcony is totally worth it and is something I'm willing to pay a little extra for.

I unpacked and got (mostly) organized. I still do the unpacking and organizing for the boys, too. They don't mind, and neither do I. 

I was so happy to be on a cruise again! I love this way of traveling and of going to different places. I was so excited for the week ahead!

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