Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Other Sister...

Lest I be accused of neglecting my other sister, Elizabeth, this post is devoted to the things we did together last summer. Or rather the things that we watched our sons do, because they're at that age where what we do is usually all about them. We both have two boys. Hers are Rocco (age 8) and Shane (age 5) and they're the cutest nephews I've ever had! John and Sam have a lot of fun with them.
So without further ado...

We went to the Cape Cod Inflatable Park. Here are Sam and Rocco battling it out. Rocco won!

An attempt for a picture after dinner that day. Four boys cooperating for a picture all at the same time?
As you can see, that didn't happen.

At my mom's house...

iPad games and bunny ears

Dinner alfresco

Slip 'n Slide fun

Tire swings and tree-climbing

Shane tried so hard to follow John up! 

But in the end only John made it up. In a few more years Shane!

And a special treat from Grandma--a pinata!

Sam busted it open!

At Southwick's Zoo 
Sweet times with the goats!

Here's one of the only pictures I took that has Elizabeth and her husband Justin in it. (Kids take over everything!)  

Rocco really likes giving bunny ears! 🐇

It's fun watching Sam and Rocco grow up together. They're only six months apart in age.

 Justin is the deer whisperer. 😆 The deer didn't like the kids as much, but they flocked to him!

 This time it was Rocco trying to climb up after John.

Four boys and a tiger! 🐯

Four boys and another tiger (or two).

The zoo also had a few rides that the boys enjoyed together.
It was close to the end of the day so they had the rides mostly to themselves.

 Shane couldn't get enough of this little car ride. Look at his face! He rode it again and again.

 I love how they all squeezed into the same car even though all of the other cars were available. 💓

Shane finally decided to leave the cars and try out this froggy bounce ride.

It didn't disappoint!

 One last parting shot of the Jungle Boat!

A few weeks later at the Cape house
Waiting to go to the beach... 

At the beach...
(Bayview Beach to be exact. This is one of our favorite beaches to bring the kids to.) 

They built an impressive moat (or something like that) together.

Shane was too busy to come pose for a group picture with their fabulous moat.
(I think salt water got onto my phone's camera lens for this picture.)

 Enjoying a treat from the ice-cream truck...

I'm looking forward to more adventures with Elizabeth and my cute nephews in the not-too-distant future!
(And this time I'll try to remember to take more pictures of us!)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

P-Town Pilgrims

I've mentioned Provincetown enough this week that I might as well do a blog post with some of the pictures I haven't posted yet about the fun day we spent there last summer.

 We were there on my birthday, woo-hoo! Provincetown is a historic place, which I love, and it's also a very liberal place, which I don't (ha ha), but I still enjoy going there. There are great shops, good places to eat, really neat historical sites, and of course fantastic views.

Me and the boys. John could barely reach the face hole 😂

We went to the museum at the Pilgrim Monument for the first time. It was a family history trip for the boys and unbeknownst to us, for the rest of us!
The Mayflower first landed at Provincetown and the Mayflower Compact was signed there before the ship went on to land (and stay) at Plymouth across the bay. 

 I love old artifacts like these. It's neat to think of the people from the past who handled these things. It's like part of them is still here with us.

The boys are descendants of three passengers on the Mayflower, including the well-known governor William Bradford. I think there may be more; I've got to do some more digging! 

Climbing to the top of the Pilgrim Monument was one of our gyms that day. 
Walking up the hill to get to it was the other one. Whew!

 So many stairs to climb to get to the top! 

We WILL join this society!


The curve of the Cape.

Back down on terra firma.
(Do you see Sam?)

This soldier statue is actually a real person! I got punked again in P-Town!


It was a fun place to spend my birthday!