Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Crazy Times Scrapbook, August 2021

 It's time once again for the highly anticipated monthly edition of the Crazy Times Scrapbook brought to you by The Doll Sweet Journal 😁, with a little disclaimer this time. I don't specifically seek out only sources that back up my viewpoints. I read the pro-vaccine Wall Street Journal every day and am inundated with the perspectives of mainstream news and thought; it's pretty hard not to be in this day and age. My life isn't an echo chamber of confirmation bias; I'm exposed continuously to plenty of other opinions and ideas that are contrary to my own. I take pictures and screenshots of the things that I read or see that I feel are evidence that back up my opinions, but that doesn't mean that I'm ignoring or not seeing other things that don't. 

Now, on to the craziness!

The authors of this op-ed piece made some really good points

Florida, you rock

Let's please get rid of the harmful mask requirements, especially for our poor kids.

I can't believe they want to require people with natural immunity to get vaccinated. If you want to do that then that's fine, but if you don't, you have EVERY RIGHT NOT TO. At least in the United States that I knew. You also have every right not to if you don't have natural immunity. We choose what goes in our bodies, regardless.

I really wish the U.S. would do what England is doing with not vaccinating teenagers. 

Bill De Blasio is a horrible, terrible mayor and I'm so glad that his term is almost up. I can't believe the ridiculous and unethical edicts he's imposed upon my once favorite city.

"If the vaccines are so great, why do they have to force people to take them?" Good question.

"My decision not to get vaccinated does not affect anyone else's health. Full stop."

How about that? I wish I could be in the "Ph.D.s Against Covid Vaccines" club. Alas, I only have a meager bachelor's degree. 

"The highest hesitancy was among those holding a PhD....[they were] the most likely to not change their minds."

Why does all the mainstream discussion about Ivermectin get stopped? It helped save India. They just want us to shut up and get vaccinated.
Mr. Matthews's view = my view

This is from a thoughtful article by a member of the Church about the Church's recommendation to get vaccinated.

And now, three months later with the emergence of the Omicron variant, this is proving to be true...

The much-needed voices of reason and common sense. If only more people would listen and think. 


The evidence is increasingly clear that the vaccines don't work all that well.