Friday, July 22, 2022

May 2022 Randoms

This is one of the covers of the local magazine that I do some writing for. 

Violet's bag of meds and antibiotics (for her eye) from the vet.

Pretty fabric of one of my new dresses

I love All Creatures Great and Small. It's such a great show. The second season was really good and I'm looking forward to the third.

I took my boots off in the car while I was waiting for the boys at their Young Men's activity so that I could sit cross-legged on the seat and I thought it looked so funny the way they were laid out, like someone was laying dead or asleep (less morbid) under my seat! 😂

I saw this at Target and thought it was so funny that they made a cereal out of Wendy's chocolate frosties (which I'm a longtime fan of!). I may have to try this sometime, just for fun. I bet it tastes pretty similar to Cocoa Puffs.

Neat news!

A pretty picture from a book about owls that my mom gave me from her library.

Sam got a nice haircut from the barber shop downtown. This spring we discovered that barber shops give better haircuts overall than Supercuts, so I take the boys there now.

I want to read this book. I hadn't heard of this true crime case before. It's the wife of the guy who founded Stanford University (or "Stan-turd" as I like to call it because they insulted Iowa and Iowans at a bowl game a few years ago!).

I turned on the TV one day and was greeted by SpongeBob singing in owl form. It cracked me up! 

Me au naturel
I don't get my hair highlighted or even cut anymore since I now have my "other" hair that I clip into it, but I don't do that every day, especially when I'm home most of the day anyway. 

This is now my favorite house in my town! 😁   

I liked this email from Famous Footwear because it called me a superstar. 🤩 
These days I'll take every little bit of encouragement that I can get! 😂

Sam and I had a mother-son dinner date (don't tell him I called it that!) at Chick-fil-a. 

Remember from my garden post when I moved that heavy raised bed all by myself and got all the plants in and it was so hot and tiring? For my hard work I treated myself later that day to going to the movies to see the new Downton Abbey movie. I thought it was pretty good overall.

I saw this little shirt at Kohl's and thought it was so cute. I miss buying little kid clothes and having little kids.

The chocolate bar my Dad gave me for Mother's Day was really good chocolate.

It had a nice love poem on the other side that I like to imagine the future love of my life reciting to me and vice versa. 😍😊

Pretty catalog cover

If I were a bird with a cozy little nest, that's what I'd do too. 

Another nice catalog cover

I got a good deal on a box of "misfit" bath bombs from Pacha. Bath bombs are one of my favorite things.

The Boston Temple has truly become one of my favorite places ever. It is my refuge and haven from the world and from the storms of life, and one of my closest connections to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I've received the best inspiration and guidance there. I'm so thankful for the temple and that I finally discovered for myself the huge difference it can make in my life.

Selfies of me and Violet in the car in which she looks cute and my hair looks good (if I do say so myself!). 😍

We went to Nate and Kat's new house in western Mass. for a family get-together and there was a cool checkerboard cake that I had to document.

It was a good month!

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Wisdom, Humor, and Inspiration in May

Good advice from the healthy and hilarious Richard Simmons. #3 makes me LOL. 😆

I'm glad that anxiety apparently has a bright side!

"...when we believe anxiety is a benefit rather than a burden, our bodies follow suit and better prepare us to meet the challenges ahead." I can use that!

Good life hacks here! By this description, I think I'm definitely an "excellencist." 

I'd like to read the book.

A sweet and simple reminder. This is one of the best life hacks ever.

I like and often use block scheduling.


The trade-off is a wonderful one without parallel. 🤍

"Modest people are secure in their appearance, their actions, and their accomplishments without the need for affectation or to call attention to themselves."

I love this, and I love the analogy she uses here. More life hacks, and I know for myself from personal experience that they work. The best life hacks come from the restored gospel of Jesus Christ--it is the ultimate "life hack."