Friday, June 26, 2020

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Things That Made Me Happy in June

Frankie Drake Mysteries, a fun mystery show set in 1920s Toronto with a ladies' private detective agency

Getting together with friends and family again

Making smores with our fire pit, including some unique and delicious ones with peppermint patties and peanut butter (not together!)

Getting a generator

Blooming roses and other pretty flowers around the yard

Beecham House, a new period drama show on PBS that I'm enjoying

Floating around the pool on my favorite tube 

Consistently warm temperatures

Going out to eat again

My growing vegetable plants. The garden is working!

Things I'm Looking Forward to This Summer

Harvesting my own vegetables

Going to the Cape for the sixteenth summer in a row

Going to the beach and enjoying the fresh sea breezes and salt water

Going to Nantucket for a few days for my birthday

Beginning a new decade of life

Getting professional massages again

Reading books. I always love reading but I think I love it most during the lazy and relaxed days of summer.
This is my last blog post until mid-August. I always take at least half the summer off from blogging. Dry your eyes! 😂 I'll be back with my ramblings and randomness before you know it! Stay safe and healthy and have a great summer! 🌞

March 2020 Randoms


We were dressed in the same colors one Sunday and as you can see Sam was thrilled to take a picture of this phenomenon with me. 😄

On one of the last normal school mornings before everything went downhill.
(He's dressed in gray and black again!)

A cute way to carry a "stuffie" around. 

Found on my phone from when he was making videos and taking pictures for a YouTube video he was putting together about water bottle flipping.

Cleaning up his trash and dishes at the end of the day, with a mischievous smile on his face (he stuck his butt out right after I took this but I'm not including that picture).

Oh fine, here it is.


"Why are you taking my picture while I eat, Mom?" I'm so weird (I said it for him).

John joined a wrestling club for their spring session and only got to do TWO practices before it shut down because of the virus.

At the table again

Me 😁

All of us 
This was part of a special get well video we were doing with some of my friends for our friend who'd just gotten a mastectomy.

After a mild and boring winter, snow finally fell. In March.

Within 24 hours it was of course all gone.

Then we got a bigger "snowstorm" that month--it was only about an inch or two and was all gone by the next day, but it was still kind of cool (literally, ha ha). March was so weird this year.

The next day...

I saw this on Facebook and liked it. Literally.

This is a good thing to tell yourself on a bad day.

Lincoln was the best. I wish he were the president now, and I say that as a Trump supporter. He navigated the country successfully through the Civil War and ended slavery. We need those skills now more than ever.

I changed my phone's screensaver to this pretty picture.

Oh Joe.

Who needs a bodyguard when you have Jill Biden? 😂 She went after this protester who stormed the stage while Biden was speaking. Jill was on it! 

I saw this map of Boston in the paper and took a picture of it to keep on my phone because the layout of Boston and its different neighborhoods has always confused me. I can find my way around Philadelphia and New York City way more easily than my hometown city.

The lovely Cape! I know my way around it pretty well by now.

I stubbed my toe really badly. It hurt for days.

From the Police Beat in the town paper. 😂 Sometimes they have the funniest things in there.

Yummy veggie-tarian lunch

This encapsulates my life fairly well. Except for painting.


Waiting in line to go in to Target right before it opened. This was in the early days when many people were on the hunt for things like toilet paper and disinfecting wipes.

President Nelson calls it again in an October 2019 General Conference talk to the men of the church: ..."This is the only way you will keep yourself and your family spiritually safe in the challenging days ahead." 


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Tribute to the Virus

Not that COVID-19 deserves a tribute, but it's getting one (of sorts) courtesy of my pictures, memes I liked, and things from the news that I found noteworthy. And from my need to document my life. This is a historic time, after all (unfortunately!).

This was on the afternoon news on Tuesday, March 10th. It turned out to be our last school day of the year. That evening, school got cancelled for the next day (and all the next days) in our town.

At Target (or rather, not at Target)

Stop & Shop

Daisy from The Organic Prepper called it early on.

I read Station Eleven in March when this was all going down. The pandemic in that book was way worse than ours, which helped put things in perspective, but I didn't like the story very much.

Outside of the Catholic church in my town

We have enough hand sanitizer but this is good to know just in case!

So. Many. Emails.

Ode to toilet paper

I'll forgive the grammar mistake here for Gollum's sake and because this is pretty funny.

From Emma

They haven't finished it quickly. They're still playing.

Someone left this in our mailbox and I thought it was really sweet.

No Olympics this summer, so disappointing.

This one makes me LOL
This one too

And this 

That spike in unemployment claims is unbelievable. Do you see it? The long red very ominous line going up the page...

I made care packages for our delivery people. They each had a roll of toilet paper, a water bottle, and a snack bag of pretzel sticks. I left a basket by the garage doors and another one by the front door.

And that's my coronavirus scrapbook for March 2020. What a crazy month!