Thursday, March 23, 2023

February Randoms

I really liked the scent of this hand soap. It's a good one for winter, and I'd get it again.

This is from my medical transcription training (which is not going well, by the way--I'm starting to suspect it's a bit of a scam 😠). It cracked me up--"Donna is in for...severe noncompliance." If only they knew how severely noncompliant this Donna can be! 😂

The hypertension and blood pressure do not apply to me, however. Not to toot my own horn, but apparently I have the blood pressure of an elite athlete. I think it might be too low, actually--most of the time I can't even feel my heart beating, which is kind of creepy.

AI rears its ugly head for one of my editing jobs! For my other editing job, I actually edit AI-generated lessons. What a contrast!

We had a super-cold weekend in which I stayed inside as much as possible.

Mount Washington is up north of here in New Hampshire. Crazy!

Speaking of "severe noncompliance," sometimes I wish I could do this with John! 🙄😅

I want to go to all of these places. I've still never been to Europe. I love traveling, and I miss it. I hope that somehow I'll be able to do international travel in the future.

Egypt is in my top three "places to go" list. 

There was a hole in the cheese bar! Manufacturing error, I guess.

This was a nice book review of a nice-sounding book about a nice animal, the owl (my favorite!).

I like that they're seen as strange and different. I can relate to that!

My new ward has a nice Relief Society meeting quarterly for all of the women in the ward to attend no matter what their calling. This was the first one. Look at all of us!
Can you find me? I'm on the right. (In more ways than one. Ha ha!)

This is a typo I can get behind: "Superb Owl" instead of "Superbowl"! 🙌

More fun wordplay. I'm enjoying my daily puns!

Sam introduced me to Mr. Beast chocolate bars. Mr. Beast is one of the most successful people on YouTube, and he started a line of really good chocolate bars that are sold at Wal-Mart. It lived up to the hype for me; it was really good!

I'd love to go to this lecture in Boston in June. It's not going to happen, but I know I'd love it!


The new and final season of Sanditon just started. I watched the first episode a few days ago and I think I'm in for a treat! But if Charlotte and Colbourne don't get together, I'm done. But I'll be done anyway since the show will be permanently over, so 🤷. 😆 (I'm pretty sure they're going to end up together!)
Here's hoping for a happy ending to all of the storylines, not only in the show but in life in general! 

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Wisdom, Humor, and Inspiration in February

This is such a comforting scripture.


That seems to be what happened!

Great parenting advice, and life advice in general. ✔
This makes so much sense. 
Henry Eyring was a brilliant scientist who was a faithful Latter-day Saint, and as I've been reading a book about him I've been gratified to discover that the way he thinks about faith mirrors my own. We may be are definitely on totally different planes when it comes to scientific ability and understanding, but I think it's neat that we're on the same wavelength in our approach to faith, especially as it relates to unanswered questions about science and nature.

Me too, math book, me too. 😔(😆)

According to Archimedes, I could have been a math genius if only I'd approached it with pure love and an appreciation for its beauty when I was in high school and college! That was the missing link! 😄 Ha ha, if only.

I still haven't gotten Covid, at least as far as I know. 
I could say something snarky about why some people never become infected with it, but I won't any more than I just did!

 Hedonism has its place here and there, but overall, it's so much better to seek the eudaimonic in life.

This is fascinating to me!

Drink water throughout the day and stay hydrated!

Another type of water that's even better...
I'm pretty vigilant about the TV and movies we watch. I wish I had better control over the boys' screens, though, with YouTube and various apps and the like.


The Babylon Bee cracks me up!

This reminds me of Christy, Boo Boo, and Violet, who all had/have soft warm bellies that I like(d) to cuddle up against.

This is one of the reasons that Facebook isn't on my phone the majority of the time, and also why it's pretty much the only social media I do. I used to do Instagram but I decided to just do one, and for better or for worse, Facebook it was. I also don't go on it for about half of each month.

This totally spoke to me because I experience this, and I know it's true.