Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Family Pool Party

 I'd been wanting to throw a pool party for my mother's side of the family ever since we moved to Massachusetts three years ago, but Covid got in the way of that until this past August when it finally happened! The weather was warm and sunny that day, and it was so nice to get together with them again. I love my relatives and I'm thankful to live near them again. 

My Uncle Tommy came over a few days before and helped my mom and I set up these tents that he loaned me, as well as the tables and chairs. (I know who I'm going to for John's graduation party things in a year-and-a-half!)

My food contribution was a plate of brownies and this cool sandwich ring that I ordered from BJ's. I cut it up into slices and put them on a platter and that was that. It was delicious, and there was an abundance of good food that everyone brought and shared.

I bought this beautiful gold swan float for the pool just the week before at the Cape. All four boys got on it and floated around the pool on it and then it popped. 😩 This picture was obviously before that happened. RIP gold swan that I never got to use. If I ever get one again, there will be rules about how many people can be on it at a time!

It's nice having a pool. 😎

This is a good siblings picture of four out of seven of the kids in my mom's family. From left to right, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Joey, my mom, and Uncle Tommy.

There's another sibling (the oldest one) in the blue shirt, my Uncle Ronnie.

Me, Elizabeth, and my favorite cousin Kassy. We used to fight about who got to walk by Kassy when we'd go for walks downtown when we were younger. 😆 Now we BOTH got to sit by Kassy! Ha ha

Of course we had to get some good family pictures! This one is of all the kids. Their parents are cousins, so this would make them second cousins or first cousins once removed. I can never remember.

And a silly one

Getting set up for the BIG family picture

It turned out well!

And last but not least, my cousin Lisa brought her brand-new puppy Maggie. She looked like a stuffed animal and she was adorable!

It was a fun day with people who I love. I'm so glad that we were finally able to get together again!