Friday, January 29, 2021

Five Things for Friday

 A quick Five Things for today because I haven't done one yet this month. Plus I'm all caught up on the blog, which I'm loving!

1. After over eighteen years I came to the profound realization this week that my initials, DC, are also the same for "Dark Chocolate," one of my favorite treats. 😂 

2. The Bernie Sanders meme from Inauguration Day is pretty funny and I like how it's completely non-partisan and works wherever you stand politically. This Poldark one was one of my favorites. 😆

3. This week I wrote an article for my town's magazine that gets mailed to every household in town. I'd been kicking around an idea for an article in my mind for awhile so a few weeks ago I emailed the editor and she gave it the go-ahead. It wasn't anything deep (it's not like it's a deep kind of magazine); it was about the two window treatment projects that I had done in the house this past year. It was nice to dust off the old writing skills, although writing my blog posts for years has been good at keeping my writing skills pretty sharp (...right? RIGHT?! 😄). The article will be in the March issue, and then I'll be famous. 😁

4. I've been trying to update the sidebar pictures on my blog for the last couple of weeks but Blogger hasn't been cooperating with my efforts. It let me upload two and won't let me do the others, and there's no reason that I can see for it. So the boys' pictures remain five years younger than they actually are because I can't replace them with updated ones. Yet I was able to do a picture of me and Boo Boo and one of just me. The mysteries and vagaries of Blogger are never-ending. I'll try again in a few months. I won't give up! 💪

5. I had a dental appointment last week, and while she was working on me, the hygienist asked if I'd had my lips done. I was like, "What?" because I wasn't sure what she meant, and she asked if I'd had fillers put in my lips. I've never done that and I don't think I ever would. As you might know from my vaccine posts, I'm not really on board with injecting things into my body! Anyway, she said I had really nice lips, that they had a good shape and were nice and full. It was a lovely unexpected compliment that made my day. I'm trying not to let it go to my head too much. 😃
Speaking of lips, I started using a new lip balm a few days ago that I really like. It's Bath & Body Works Rose Balm. You should use it if you too want to have nice lips like me. 😜

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

December 2020 Randoms

 Last 2020 post...thank goodness!

When I wear green it usually brings out the green in my hazel green eyes...


Good catalog covers and catalog things:

These are some of my favorite colors and patterns to wear 😍 

I love teddy bears

Our neighbor in Iowa, the Olympic wrestler Dan Gable, was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Trump! We watched the ceremony on TV and all of his family was there in the White House with him, including his daughter Jenny and her family, who lived across the street from us. We're still Christmas card buddies, as you will see below. It was really neat to see them on national TV with the president. And Dan Gable totally deserved this honor!

This won the best Christmas card award this year 😄

"Doomscrolling" definitely became a thing for me in 2020

My first time wearing this new dress. Longsleeve dresses are hard to find so I was pleased with this.
 Also, on the side is my new winter coat from Lands' End, which I love, love, love.


This selfie with Sam didn't quite work...

...but this one did!

A peaceful Sunday afternoon when it was snowing out. It was the Sunday before Christmas.

Pretty house 😍 (from Cape Cod magazine)

A nutritious, orange lunch

A pretty evening sky

I thought it was funny that they titled it "Aunt Becky Released" instead of "Lori Loughlin Released" 😆

From a fun movie night with three of my friends in which we watched the live-action Tarzan movie. The actor who played Tarzan was very pleasing to the eye, especially when he was in Tarzan mode, so one of them made eye candy cake pops, and another one made (stud) muffins! 😂

I spent the evening of New Year's Eve peacefully finishing reading Mayflower. Because I'm nerdy like that. 😊

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

December 2020 Wisdom

 Here's my collection of accumulated wisdom from last month, at least as far as my phone camera goes. 😄

First, three things about capitalism:

The CEO of Whole Foods is one smart guy. He is spot-on about the benefits of capitalism over socialism, and also about health (he's said that Americans need to take much better care of themselves and that would reduce a lot of the stress on the healthcare and health insurance industries, not to mention on Americans themselves). Before I found out about John Mackey I wasn't so sure about Whole Foods because of its connection to Amazon and Jeff Bezos, but I feel better about shopping there now. I'm going to support this guy!

The roots of capitalism, potentially started by my GREAT (many times over) grandfather.

Good thoughts from this guy who sent his opinion in to The Wall Street Journal. I agree with him. Jesus Christ and His teachings trump capitalism (and everything else).

I thought this obituary was really sweet. Optimistic people are the best.

Personal revelation is more important than ever.
I've been on the receiving end of this lack of commitment, and it's painful. One of the most important things in life is to be committed to the things that matter most, even when it's hard and scary. 

I love this quote.
I've loved this quote for a long time too. 

Franklin Planners forever! 🙌 I've relied on mine for over twenty years now--half my life!

cough*Big Tech and liberal Democrats*cough. We're on a slippery slope in the U.S.

I've been working on this, especially when trying to see the other side of issues without immediately dismissing them.

More wise words from another WSJ reader.

Monday, January 25, 2021

New Dishwasher

 A few weeks before Christmas our dishwasher died. I don't know how old it was but I suspect that it was pretty old. I'd had someone out to repair it once since moving here, and other times it randomly leaked or didn't work right. So it was kind of a relief for it to finally die. It was not a relief to have to handwash all of the dishes for nearly two weeks, however, which is very inefficient (and wasteful with water, I might add) when compared to the efficiency and convenience of a dishwasher. 

After conducting a little research, I decided to get a Bosch or a KitchenAid, which are the two highest-rated dishwasher brands. We got a Bosch in Iowa when we had to replace our dishwasher there and it was very nice. At Lowe's I found out that most of the Bosch models were on backorder until February or the spring (thanks to China and the virus it unleashed and the havoc it/they have wreaked on manufacturing and supply lines everywhere. Sorry. I'm still bitter.). I definitely wasn't willing to wait that long, plus most of the Bosch models were hundreds of dollars more than KitchenAid, which is pretty much just as good, and there was a model I liked that was in stock, so KitchenAid it was. Less than a week later it had been delivered and installed and life was back to normal as far as dishwashing went. Merry Christmas to me! 

The new one 😍

Ready to get installed here

This picture proves that a kitchen without a dishwasher is incomplete 😉

A perfect fit!

My favorite feature is that it has three racks. The top rack holds cups and glasses on their sides and utensils. What a great use of space! 

When I was dishwasher shopping I noticed that many of them don't have a towel bar anymore, but I wanted a towel bar, which is another reason that I chose the model I did. There's no other good place in my kitchen to hang a dishtowel--I need that bar!

I expect that it will work well for many years to come. {It better, at that price! 😜} 

Here's to new dishwashers and clean dishes! 😊