Wednesday, February 24, 2021

January 2021 Randoms

January, January...

Sweet times with John, Shane (his cousin/my nephew), and Bentwood

I couldn't leave out my other nephew, Rocco!

The first-ever issue of the new worldwide church-wide Liahona magazine, replacing my beloved Ensign. But the Liahona will be beloved by me too. 😊

I thought this was funny, and very fitting (not necessarily size-wise, but times-wise. Ha ha.).

Things to Watch

This looks good! I want to be an archaeologist!

I watched both of these. I just finished All Creatures Great and Small last night. I loved it and I'm so glad that it's been renewed for a second season.  

This woman was the the Codebreaker. She was amazing! 


Another cool owl sighting happened in Central Park! 

"This week's visitor was believed to be the first documented sighting of a snowy owl in Central Park since 1890..."

From a mystery I read in January. The book wasn't great but I liked this part about owls!


Yes, I'm definitely a catalog person and I have been since high school. I have some time built into my schedule to go through the catalogs I get each week.

The Lands' End catalog is one of my favorites. I wear a puffer vest almost every day in the winter, usually my navy blue or black one. They really are my "vesties" 😄! 

Another catalog thing


I've developed an unlikely love affair with Egypt over the last couple of years, thanks in part to the Amelia Peabody books and also because of my love of history and an ever-increasing interest in archaeology. England is still my #1 destination, but sleeper hit Egypt is coming up hot on its heels! 

Once I pare down my to-read bookshelves, I want to get this book.

I want to do this so much!

Only $19K per person, no big deal 😬

Cruising down the Nile on a dahabeeyah...this would be a dream come true!

My blog views on January 6th (the day of the Capitol riot) exploded! I'm not sure what exactly attracted so many people that day. My guess is one of my pro-Trump or end-of-the-world posts? 😅 


Selfie trio

The boys enjoyed visiting a huge WWII battleship.

I thought this was funny. Good for this guy! 

I finally got all caught up on getting my blog books printed out. It cost a pretty penny, even with a 40% discount, but it's done!

I stopped listening to NPR last year because its coverage was so blatantly biased and I couldn't take it anymore. This is how I made my opinion known.

I came across this Thanksgiving "Skittles Sorting Mat" when I was going through things in the storage room. This was so cute. I miss the days when I had little kids who did things like this. I snapped a picture and then put it in the donate box. ::sob::

January was boring weather-wise until the very end of the month when a walloping good snowstorm was in the forecast. Finally! We were in the purple range and we ended up getting over a foot!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Crazy Times Scrapbook, January 2021

 Well, 2021 gave itself the equivalent of a bad haircut as it started out with the uprising that happened at the Capitol on January 6th. It can only go up from there...hopefully! We'll see what the rest of the year has in store.  

The "uprising" was crazy! I have many thoughts about it that I'm not going to write much about on here except to say that I think there was a lot more to it than meets the eye.

The Wall Street Journal has been tough on Trump in the wake of what happened on 1/6 (they were pretty tough on him before that too, but not nearly as bad as the majority of other media outlets). I personally don't agree with everything they and their writers think about this. 

Here's a WSJ writer who defended Trump. I agree with him!


"Time will vindicate Donald Trump"

"Law enforcement oddly opened the doors to the building, allowing protesters to 'storm' the Capitol."
I'll just say it; I think it's very possible that this was mostly a pre-planned hoax by Deep State liberals and globalists who are trying to undermine the U.S., and a small percentage of Trump supporters fed right into it and took the blame. 

One week we go again!

Sadly, COVID-19 was raging in the country and in the world in January, which wasn't too surprising after the holidays. Fortunately by the end of the month it was getting better. 

Yesterday, about a month after this article was published, the U.S. reached the half-million mark.

I feel vindicated! I knew the flu-vaccine mandate in MA was ridiculous. I'm so glad we didn't get needless and possibly harmful flu shots.

"Classic flu" was wiped out; Covid is the new flu that took its place.

"Why are we so afraid of this virus if the chances of survival are so high?" 

By the end of January, rates of infection were definitely improving.

Other Signs of the Crazy Times

Why would the government get rid of the 1776 Report!?! Why, indeed. I really am afraid and sad for America's future. And as a mother, I'm upset by the potential dystopian, totalitarian future my children are facing in this once-great country.