Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Labor Day Walk

 I wanted to do something with the boys on Labor Day and it ended up being something simple, but sometimes the simplest things turn out to be really nice. We went for a walk through the woods near our house to a Civil War-era cemetery that I'd driven by hundreds of times over the years but had never actually stopped at, but always wanted to. It took less than thirty minutes to walk there and the same back, and the weather was beautiful (I love the weather in September!). So we got in some exercise, some history, and some together time. Simple and sweet and nearly complete! All that was missing was ice cream. 🍦😁

This picturesque little building was in a field we walked through after coming out of the woods on the way to the cemetery.

What came first? My bet's on the grave. 😉

I didn't see any of our family names on any of the headstones, but I did see some for friends in town whose ancestors lived here. I think it's neat that our ancestors probably knew each other and generations later, their descendants know each other too. That's one of the things I like about staying in one place and not moving around. 

The boys were (surprisingly) cooperative and good-spirited for our little outing. We did it in the morning and then they were free the rest of the day to do what they wanted. A win-win all around. 🙌

It was a good walk!