Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The Beach in September

I went to the Cape for a day and a night in September because I needed to be there for the furnace guy to come and do his thing. I really enjoyed my lovely, peaceful time there.

I ate a delicious al fresco dinner at Captain Parker's, with no wait--one of the joys of being on the Cape when it's not summer.

I went on a nice evening walk down to the beach. The weather in September is perfection!

It was high tide so I wasn't able to walk down the beach very far. But that's okay, I forgave it. 😉

There's that iconic sunset glow! 😍

On my walk back to the house, I walked down a side street that I'd never been down before. It had pretty views of the bay and of the resort at the end of the street (the resort that's next to "our beach.")

In the morning before I went home I took another walk to the beach to get in my exercise for the day, and because it's just too hard not to!

It was low tide. No problem walking down the beach now!

I'm so thankful to have a peaceful retreat on the Cape. It truly blesses my life! 💙