Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Wisdom, Humor, and Inspiration in September

Awww, such a cute joke 😄

I belong to a Facebook support group for LDS single mothers, most of whom are divorced or are currently going through divorce like me. Some of their advice is really good for me right now, especially from those who have been divorced for awhile. (These weren't in response to anything I posted--I don't post anything very much on there. Mostly I just lurk.)

My kids aren't better off without him, but I am.

I agree with her that single life is fine and that inner peace with that is so important. I'm not looking to jump into another relationship once I'm divorced. I don't plan on joining any dating apps or anything like that. I'm certainly not desperate to get remarried (although I am open to it). I really have found happiness and contentment in being on my own. I do miss being married and I'd rather be married to a good man than be single, but I have my sons and my Savior and that's all I really need at this point. I totally trust in Heavenly Father's plan for me and my life. If there's someone out there for me, then we'll come into each other's lives at the right time. If not, then I'm fine being on my own.

I like essential oils, especially lavender and peppermint. They really do help me feel good. I mostly use them in a tealight burner and diffuse the aromas that way.

I greatly benefit from the power of routines in life.

You got that right! *cough*Covid vaccine*cough*

"Motion is lotion," I love that! I have a regular exercise routine (that mostly involves my treadmill and DVR 😁) and when I don't do it I definitely notice a difference.

This is helpful advice about anxiety. I've had a lot of anxiety in my life over the past few years, mostly due to my marriage and now divorce, and I still have anxiety sometimes, but I've learned to manage it pretty well and live a good, happy, healthy, productive life in spite of it, and sometimes even because of it.

This was in the police log of my town paper. I thought it was so funny 😂

A good way to live life