Monday, December 13, 2021

First Day of School

 The first day of school was on September 1st this year, which was a good way to start a new month and a new school year. And finally, a more normal school year (hopefully!). So far, so good.

Sam is in 6th grade this year and is now officially a middle schooler. No more elementary school for him/us! 😭

John is now an upperclassman in 11th grade! 😱

I try hard not to think about how he only has one more "first day of school" after this. πŸ˜” Sometimes denial is a good thing!

Aren't they cute with their polo shirts and gelled hair? 😍
And yes, Sam needs to tie his shoes...he always needs to tie his shoes!

It was Rocco's first day of seventh grade. All three of them ride the bus together.

Look at this handsome group of cousin-bros!

And then the older three were off to the bus stop! It used to be right across the street from our house (which was nice and convenient!), but this year it's up the street.

Shane looked so cute once he was ready. It was his first day of fourth grade at the school that Sam went to the last two years.

Because I'm that kind of mom I took pictures of the boys coming home from school that day too. 😊

They had a good first day, and so far it's been a good school year. I hope it continues!