Friday, February 24, 2023

January 2023 Randoms

😯😱 John's graduation is coming up fast. 😭

I thought this was so cute!

This is from an article in Best Friends magazine, a really good animal organization in Utah that I've donated to for years. Kristina is a longtime online friend of mine through our blogs and Facebook, and it was neat to see her featured in this article! 

So cute!

I wear these L.L.Bean slippers around the house in the cold-weather months. I like them a lot, but it drives me crazy that the wool on the right one flips up like that no matter what I do!

Interesting things that I found in John's car. 😲
I was especially intrigued by the ovulation predictor test(!?!). It turns out that these were joke gifts from a Christmas exchange he did with friends. One of the girls got him the test and some lipstick. Ha ha, real funny, and way to startle the heck out of your friend's mom! (P.S. John in his innocence thought it was a pregnancy test. I don't think he remembered or even knew what ovulation was! 😂)  

Two of my cousins' kids (so my first cousins once removed) are in this picture. 

I made some warm turmeric milk for the first time, and it was tastier than I expected it to be. Turmeric is so good for you!

The storm to which this notification referred turned out to be a total flop. We got nothing from it!

Sam at his annual check-up before the doctor came in. He's growing well (we think he's going to turn out to be quite tall), but he'll always be my baby!

I taught a lesson to my Primary class about Jesus being baptized and about baptism itself. I love teaching Primary, and my class of 5-6 year-old girls is so sweet.

AI and ChatGPT suddenly burst onto the scene last month. Literally within a matter of days, for one editing job I received information about how to crack down on AI possibly being used by lesson writers in their writing (a big no-no), and for another editing job, I found out that AI is proving to be hugely helpful for them in their business model. For me it was a really interesting contrast, and it showed some of the pros and cons of AI right off the bat. (For the record, I don't think it's going to turn out to be a very good thing.)
P.S. This snippet mentions my alma mater (Penn, not Wharton).


Archaeological finds like these are the coolest! And I think they're good historical evidence of the truth of The Book of Mormon

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Wisdom, Humor, and Inspiration in January

 January, January, my least favorite month of the year! But I try to see the good in it.

Cute joke 😊

This is totally logical, and I sometimes do it. 😄

This is the story of my life over the last few years as I've been learning how to do this and how effective it is. 🤍


This was from a good article about perfectionism.    
I started doing this in college and I've continued with it since--not for everything, but more often than not. Perfectionism is my number one reason for putting things off, and doing what it says above really helps me to get over it, get started, and just get it done. 

It certainly helps, especially if it's a good one that has a lot of truth in it.

"I do think some of the decline we're seeing in young people's mental health and well-being is caused by declining rates of religious participation." 

 A serene, clean, peaceful home and an organized life are priorities for me, and they make a significant difference in my well-being.

Budgeting is part of my life now more than it's possibly ever been. Staying organized helps me a lot with that.


I'm a paper and book person so I wish the Church were still doing hard copies of the Come, Follow Me manual, but I've adapted and now I do it through the app on my phone.
"Like Mary, we sometimes find that God's plans for our life are quite different from what we had planned." 
You got that right! I take a lot of inspiration from Mary and her example.

My page-a-day calendar this year is one of cute puns. I've been enjoying it!

I think this one is so clever! 😆

I'm a copyeditor by trade, and that's what I do in my work for On the other hand, I've been proofreading my transcription training work (and it's taking foreeeeeever!). Proofreading is fine but I definitely prefer copyediting.

When the prophet issues a plea, I listen to it and do my best to follow through. In every instance, doing so has blessed my life.

I'm an introvert and I like to spend time on my own, but over the last several years I've become more social than I used to be (although I'll always be a homebody at heart 😊). As I've focused more of my time and attention on my relationships with friends and family, I've become healthier, happier, and more confident and likeable (right? RIGHT!? Ha ha.). I feel like I'm (ever so slowly) evolving into my better or even best self. So I totally believe this research is valid.

This is funny in a cynical way, but sadly (or "dasly" 😆) there's truth to it, too.

This was a good article.

Monday, February 20, 2023

Crazy Times Scrapbook, January 2023

 I have a feeling that big things are going to go down this year. I feel that way even more now in February than I did in January.

This was so sad (and suspicious). 

That's our president 🥴🙄


Europe and the Northeast lucked out this winter (although my gas bills have still been ridiculously high).

This has been my long-held view about climate change. It's a natural part of the earth and its history and is always ongoing. Humans do have an impact and we should do what we can within reason to take care of our environment, but climate change is still going to happen on its own; always has, always will.  

This has obviously (and tragically) been happening for awhile now, and will only get worse.

"WEF is increasingly becoming an unelected world government that the people never asked for and don't want." Elon Musk is right about that.

Beware of aluminum...

That's the good old Wall Street Journal that I know and love. 

"The vaccine makers designed their studies to get the results they wanted. Public health authorities didn't raise an eyebrow, but why would they? They have a vested interest in promoting the bivalents."
I hope that these companies and the people who are knowingly complicit will one day be held fully accountable for these crimes against humanity.

This was significant but didn't really make the mainstream news too much. The "damage control" was indeed effective.

This makes sense. But I think war with China could happen sooner than 2025.

I hate that our taxes go toward funding abortion. The U.S. will have to answer for that in a coming day.


So many sacred things are under attack in these last days on the earth as we know it. I can't wait for Christ to return again and put an end to all of it!