Thursday, July 8, 2021

See You Next Month!

 I'm taking the rest of the month off from the blog because of our July travel plans, but I plan to be back at it again in August. I'm going to get all caught up again and stay on schedule. (Famous last words, ha ha.) Hopefully my fall will be waaaay less turbulent than my spring was, but we'll see. Not that much would surprise me anymore (KNOCK ON WOOD). These are indeed crazy times, both in the world and in my life. But I know that everything will turn out well in the end. I'm glad that I have my good old blog to help me process it all.

April 2021 Randoms

This was a cute April Fool's Day e-mail from Betty Crocker. PB&J Soup, how appetizing! 🤮

An interesting WSJ article that I read

A cute candy skewer for Easter (it was my nephew Shane's)

I really loved these black booties and I wore them for many years. But their time had finally come when the bottom of the heel on one of them kept popping off and finally got lost. I took pictures and then wished them a fond farewell. I really do miss them, especially because I can't find the exact same ones anymore.

Please consider buying a set of notecards made by this sweet guy Max and his mother, who live on the Cape. He has autism. The website is at the top of the picture (and I'll just type it here:

A delicious lunch from Pan Thai. This is my new favorite dish there.

A cool old stove at my local florist shop.

This is one of the things that I love about New England. Less than ten minutes away from my house I'm driving along to drop something off for a friend and then bam, there's a sign announcing that this is the site of Paul Revere's home where his family hid during the Revolutionary War. I love how alive history is here, in the land and in the air; it's everywhere! 

More history, this time from the pages of The Liahona magazine. This soon-to-be missionary's letter in 1918 to the president of the church about serving a mission cracked me up: "Dear Bro., I am ready to go but don't want to go very bad." 😂 I love his honesty. That's a picture of the earnest letter writer.

And more history. TAKE ME THERE! It would be a dream come true just to visit this place (much less live in it!).

A funny "doge" dog from Sam. It's a Roblox thing (or something).

This is so cute.

I really love these dark chocolate lavender bars from Cape Cod Lavender Farm. They're so good!

I still feel true joy despite what I'm going through in my personal life. When you're living right and consistently doing your best with the cards you've been dealt, you can be at peace and still be happy. I call it the joy of righteous living and the wisdom and comfort of the eternal perspective.

We had a family birthday party for Ben and Hayley, who both have April birthdays.

I have to admit that I enjoy snapping pictures that capture the awkwardness of being sung "Happy Birthday" to. 😂

Fresh and pretty roses at my facialist's.

From roses to guns (Guns 'n Roses!)--I really need to do this:

I thought this was sweet.

Good for him. Apple should get its butt kicked every now and then.

A Cousins Maine Lobster truck was in town one day, and I indulged and got a delicious lobster roll for lunch on my way home from a Relief Society presidency meeting. 😋

I joined this CSA, and I'm enjoying it! It really helps me to eat healthier.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Crazy Times Scrapbook, April 2021

Most of the "crazy" things in April continued to be Covid-related. (Or so it seems, anyway. Sometimes I think Covid is just a distraction from what's REALLY going on. But I digress--slightly.)

Back to school full-time! Finally!

"The focus regarding Covid going forward should be on offering vaccination to anyone who wants it, and protecting at-risk groups and individuals. We don't need to be saved. We need to get back to normal." 👍

"The idea that everybody needs to be vaccinated is as scientifically baseless as the idea that nobody does." 

100%. "Vaccine passports are unjust and discriminatory..."

Yes, yes, yes. "Those pushing for coercive Covid vaccination...are more dangerous than the small group of so-called anti-vaxxers have ever been."

Thanks, China. It's become increasingly clear that this virus did indeed originate from there (as many of my news sources said from the beginning).

"The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic marks the most significant, singular global disruption since World War II, with health, economic, political, and security implications that will ripple for years to come."


Conspiracy theory time. Sometimes conspiracy theories turn out to be conspiracy facts. I sincerely hope this will turn out NOT to be one of those times.

Ha ha

This reminds me of Thanos from Avengers.

The comments on Zero Hedge can be very interesting (and entertaining).

Good comment, and the person's "name" cracks me up.
1.7% positivity rate in MA. I acknowledge the probable role of vaccines in this. I just hope there won't turn out to be long-term side effects of this vaccine that haven't shown up in a widespread way yet.

The U.S. is going to go bankrupt. It's all going to collapse. 

Alright, time to move on to other forms of craziness. 

What a mess. The news coverage I've seen of what's been happening with immigration at the border makes me both sad and angry.

A photo ID requirement for voting is a no-brainer.

"Woke" corporations are being totally ridiculous.

"Something is terribly wrong in our country. Schoolchildren are screened for gender identity, people are asked to examine their 'white privilege,' and massive cash handouts undermine motivation to work. Republicans are reviled because they refuse to accept the woke revolution."

This is one of the (many, many) reasons why I didn't vote for Biden. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN.


"This is now about mainlining benefits to middle-class families so they become addicted to government--and to the Democratic Party that has become the promoting agent of government."

Pray for the USA!