Friday, March 1, 2024

Things I'm Looking Forward to in March

 But first a brief review of February, which started out kind of rough. I could quickly sense that freakin' February (lol) wasn't going to be as good as "joyful January" was. But I regained my footing after the first week or so and the month turned out pretty well overall. It gets a solid B, whereas the first third of the month I was pretty sure it would get a C at best. But it redeemed itself! These are some of February's successes and accomplishments, big and small:

My good friend Beth started coming to church with me every week. I love this, her, and the fact that I now have someone to sit with each week (Sam sometimes abandons me to sit with friends 😭).


A nice guy asked me for my number, and followed up (the crucial second step 😉). I don't really think it will go anywhere significant, but I do think I've made a new friend. Plus it's been good for my ego. 😄 


I cleaned out and reorganized the utility room at the Cape house. 🙌


I hosted a meeting over Google Meets for the Cape Cod Moms team. I was nervous about this because I've never done it before, but I'm also tired of getting nervous for things that really aren't that nerve-wracking, especially when you're prepared and ready for them, so I went into it with the right attitude. It went well and it was a big boost of confidence for me.


Speaking of work, I really enjoyed my work in February and had some good successes. Op-eds that I worked on with MWEG members about current legislative issues were published in newspapers in Utah and Nebraska, and I collaborated with very talented women there, including the executive co-director and a director and former professor.

For Cape Cod Moms, I understand what I'm doing a lot more now in my second month there. I really enjoy editing the articles that get published on the site and choosing what gets published when. It's fun learning about how a business like this works.

I started working on a writing assignment that I was hired to do for a local magazine that's launching this spring.

And I continue to enjoy working at the library, for the few times a month that I work there.

With all of this, I still work part-time, which is my preference. Eventually, I'm going to have to work more, but for now, it's fine. I have time to do the other things in life that matter to me, like taking care of my son who's still at home and having the time and bandwidth to take good care of my house(s) and myself, being an ordinance worker at the temple, going out with friends, etc. I'm in a good place in my life right now and am enjoying this season I'm currently in.


I got a new church calling. I'll be co-teaching the 16-17-year-old Sunday School class. I think teaching Primary will always be my favorite, but I've been wanting to try teaching youth Sunday School for awhile, so I'm happy about this. (Hopefully I'll stay happy about this. 😄)


And last but not least, I finally beat my brother Nathan at the game of Clue Master Detective!! This may be the greatest success of all. 😂


So long February; you turned out to be not so bad after all! Blog posts about it to come this month.

And now for the main purpose of this post: these are things I'm looking forward to in March! They're short and to the point!

John will turn 19, his last year in his teens! How did this happen!?

Speaking of John, he'll be home for a full week for Spring Break! We'll celebrate his birthday then.

Again speaking of John, he might get his mission call this month!

Being the interviewer (not the interviewee) for applicants for an editor position that MWEG is hiring for. This new hire will be reporting to me—I'll literally be a boss. 😅 I'm a little apprehensive about this but I'm also looking forward to it as a new growth opportunity in my career.

The arrival of spring and milder temperatures

Trump likely becoming the Republican nominee for president (I think this is a good thing and I'm excited for it)

Going to a show at a theater with friends


Monday, February 26, 2024

January 2024 Randoms

Here's one of the few wrestling matches Sam did this winter. He wasn't fond of meets this season and it was a struggle. Hopefully, he'll develop more confidence and this won't be as much of an issue by next season!

One of my favorites 🎝

I saw these two cute owl things in a catalog, a wreath and a snow globe, and I was tempted to get them, but I didn't and took a picture instead. It was both owl-buying restraint and budget success! 

Here's another match Sam did, this one a home meet against a teammate. He didn't get nearly as nervous when he wrestled a teammate, and he won this one. 

We went out to dinner at Orale after the match.

I had a good time going to Framingham High's production of The Wizard of Oz with Sharalyn and her daughters. Our friend's daughter was in it. This school does such good drama productions—I was so impressed! I plan to go to more in the future.


Imagine my surprise when I was reading through The Wall Street Journal and the big front page story in the Review section was written by my college friend Bradley Olsen, with three big pictures of him! So cool!

I messaged him and he said he was surprised and embarrassed by how big the pictures of him were. 😆
It was a well-written, interesting, and relevant article. I hope he'll write a Part 2 in the future.

I loved this soap display at Whole Foods. So zen! So organized! Such a good game of Jenga! 😄

This is one of the main reasons why I do this blog. It replaces most scrapbooking and photo albums. Every January I have the whole previous year of the blog printed out into books on Blog2Print

It's family history, and it's a fun and easy way to do it. I like having physical documentation of a fun hobby of mine, especially for the day when the lights go out and there's no more internet (sorry to inject that little bit of doom and gloom, ha ha!).

Another thing I do each January is I make a photo plaque on Shutterfly of some of our best/favorite/most representative pictures from the year before. I display it in the house until the next year's one is done. 
I made the background color on this one forest green even though I kind of wanted to match it to the sunset picture more, but the green was a reflection of John's high school graduation and that was more important!

This is the company I started working for last month. I'm the editor of Cape Cod Moms and I love it!
I still have my MWEG job and library job, and a few freelance clients as well, including a writing project I'm working on right now for a local magazine for fifteen towns outside of Boston that's launching this spring. I'm very thankful for my work opportunities and that they all involve things I like and care about.

I snapped this picture on the computer screen while watching a livestream of John's wrestling match. I'm so glad that I was able to see many of his matches this way. I miss him.

Some of the books I saw while working at the library that I want to read...

Hank Phillippi Ryan was an investigative news journalist on a Boston news channel when I was growing up. I remember watching her in the 90s. Now she writes mysteries too. I've seen her twice at An Unlikely Story when she interviewed Ruth Ware. I'd definitely like to give her books a try.

I don't necessarily want to read this; the title and cover just cracked me up. So funny and cute!

I got my first pair of Madewell jeans and they are indeed made well. I like the way my butt looks in them—an important quality for jeans. 😉 Plus they're really comfortable and they hug my legs and hips just right.
And no, I'm not a size 26, not even close! They just do different numbers for their sizing.

Que romantica! I saw this somewhere and thought the sentiment was sweet. Someday my prince will come!

This sweater was on sale at Lands' End and I liked it so I got it and wore it on Valentine's Day. 💗

Friday, February 23, 2024

Good Humor in January

 Thanks to The Babylon Bee and a few other sources, I enjoyed some very funny things last month! 

I'm a big fan of puns, so this is my page-a-day calendar for the year. 

I had a cute puns calendar last year and I'm doing another one this year. Last year's was cuter, but this year's has had some funny ones puns (get it? Because they rhyme 😜), with many more to come (since it's the beginning of the year).  

Ha! Some of the best puns use good vocabulary words (stating the obvious, but in this case, a clever play on words of "unprecedented").

I remember doing this in 2001! Not the time travel part (unfortunately). I love this movie!

This may not be a bad idea 😄

"Brosecco" 😆

Thank you for this, AI. 😂

I've saved a lot of money over the years by following this financial philosophy!

The Sound of Music wedding scene is great, and now it's even greater with this perspective. 😆 

Speaking of Lord of the Rings...

This actually happened! 

{They're essential!}

Here's the anti-Swiftie part of this post...

I'll let Babylon Bee take it home!

I don't understand the Stanley Tumbler trend. What's the big deal?

This one really cracks me up for some reason 😂