Monday, November 28, 2022

Crazy Times Scrapbook, October 2022

My suspicions about many things happening in the U.S. and in the world have remained high this fall...

"Far from being a 'conspiracy theory,' the Great Reset is commonly presented by the WEF as the ultimate end game..."

Watch out for China especially. I believe it's one of the most evil, nefarious places on the planet.

For this and many other reasons, #deletetiktok

China is of course involved with the fentanyl epidemic as well.

This is a travesty. Words can't do justice to how upset I am about this so I won't even try. Something is seriously wrong with this country.   

Why can't we be smart like Sweden with this?

And even the CEO of Moderna! 

Twitter blocked one of my modern-day political heroes...

Friday, November 25, 2022

October Hair Selfies

 October was the one-year mark for getting my new hair, and I can still say that it's one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I love this hair so much and the way it makes me look and feel. I don't care that it doesn't grow from my head--it's still my hair. I'm one of millions of women, including big-time celebrities, who use "other hair" to supplement their own, and there's no shame in it. The boys don't tease me about it anymore and I think most of my friends and family don't really even think twice about it--they're used to me with it and without it and it's natural either way. People who didn't know me "before" don't know that it's a hairpiece that's clipped into my hair and blends in with it. It looks and feels so nice and natural (it's 100% real human hair, after all), and I love that I can get my hair done in literally ten seconds. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, which was yesterday, I'm thankful that I can finally say in my life that I'm thankful for my hair! 

This is my profile pic on LinkedIn.

Even when it's kind of messy, I like it. It's so much better than my thin, sparse locks that were only getting thinner and sparser. I think I'm aging well but my hair definitely was not, and hadn't been since about the age of 30.

This one's my favorite of the bunch!

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

October Escape to the Cape

 Last month I went to check in on the Cape house for an overnight stay after two of my dad's friends from California had stayed there for a few days. Predictably, I went for a walk to the beach, which is one of my favorite things to do when I'm at the Cape.

It was overcast and foggy over the water, and I like it when it's like that. I like bright and sunny days but for some reason I've always liked overcast weather more. I think it's the English blood in me. 😊  

The tide was super low...

This is the rock the boys have been climbing up on for the past eight years of their lives. Usually the water is a lot higher up and then they jump into it from the top of the rock.

There's my "seat by the sea." I meditated and did deep breathing here the next morning when the tide was back to normal and the sound of the waves was closer.

I've always liked the scenery behind this beach, especially when it gets a little more colorful in the fall.

It's fun seeing what washes up on the shore.

I think this is the longest piece of driftwood I've ever seen!

It's a very rocky low tide on this beach!

On the walk back to the house I snapped some pictures of pretty fall leaves on the wet pavement of the street. This is about as artistic as I get. 😄

That evening I ate a light dinner at the house and then went to Cape Cod Creamery and treated myself to a banana split. I love banana splits but I hardly ever get them because they're so big and I don't usually have the appetite to eat the whole thing. But when I go for a good walk followed by a light dinner, my appetite is definitely up to the challenge. This particular banana split was very delicious and I easily devoured just about all of it!

The hot fudge especially was 😋😋😋!

In the morning before I left I went on another walk down to the beach (it's an easy way to check off the "exercise" requirement on my to-do list!). The tide was higher than the evening before, though still on the low side. It was cloudy again too, but the sun started coming out more while I was there.

The sun was trying to make its way through the clouds and fog.


This horseshoe crab was in a temporary seaside grave. I'm sure it washed back out to sea again.

Picturesque seaweed, two things that don't usually go together!

With the way the clouds and sunlight were, you can barely see the water here, but it's there if you look close (and it's still there even if you don't! 😉). 

I was under a lot of stress that week because of things that weren't happening with the divorce, which was scheduled to take place the following week but disappointingly was once again going to be pushed off. I just want to finally be divorced and free to move on with my life. It continues to be a long and frustrating process over which I have limited control. So the scenes and sounds of the sea were an especially good respite for me. Like the woods and especially the temple, being seaside is one of my favorite sources of comfort, strength, and renewal. I'm thankful that God has provided many means for help and sustenance for us during the trials of our lives. 

I took some pictures on the walk back to the house...

I'm so thankful for this wonderful little house and that I still have it.

These starfish in the front window have been there for years and will probably continue to be there for years. I don't change things up very much (or ever 😁) once I've settled on what I like. 

I thought the vines of leaves on the backyard fence were pretty.

On my way home I went to my friend Cheryl's house a few towns away that she and her father bought a few months ago. I hadn't been to it yet and it was fun to see it, and her. The house is very spacious and nice, and it's right down the street from one of the Cape's most popular beaches. This little nook was one of my favorite parts of the house. I think I would spend a lot of my free time here reading and taking naps. 

We walked down the street to a nice place for lunch, where we had great seats that looked right out on the beach. I'm so thankful for good friends who care about me and do things like this with me. I don't know if they realize how much it helps when times are difficult.

The clam chowder was really good, possibly the best I've ever had. Definitely in the top three!

After lunch and just before I left to go home, we walked over to Old Silver Beach, one of the Cape's most popular beaches. I'd never been to it before, so it was nice to finally see it!

It was good to escape to the Cape! I'm looking forward to doing it again soon.