Friday, January 15, 2021

Winter Wonderland at Southwick's Zoo

 I don't know if these drive-through Christmas light displays were happening as much pre-Covid, but they were a popular option this year and I was definitely in on that trend. I love Christmas lights! And not having to leave my nice warm car? Even better. So I gifted my trusted Toyota Highlander with a ticket to drive us through the lights at the nearby zoo. There was also music to download to go with the different themed areas which was a nice touch. 

Be prepared to be underwhelmed by the pictures I took. 😆 You can only do so much from inside of a car as far as picture-taking goes. Especially at night!

The car in front of us was going very slow. Peter kept tailgating them and I felt bad. What a Scrooge! Ha ha. Speaking of Scrooges, we spotted the Grinch in Whoville.

The Frozen Forest. This is the deer forest, which is my favorite part of this zoo. I was hoping to see some deer, but they didn't "gift" us with an appearance. 

I was so glad there was a nativity. 'Tis the whole reason for the season! This was my best picture by far.

And this was one of my worst. Lit-up giraffes, hippo, and other creatures.

To have true joy, put Jesus first, then Others, then Yourself. A friend of mine said this recently in her testimony and it has stuck with me because it's so true.

Sam said this reminded him of the tree of life from Lehi's vision in the Book of Mormon. 

It was worth the time and money to do this and I'm so glad that we did. We'll do another one next year, either this one again, or the one at Gillette Stadium, or a different one. I really enjoyed it!