Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Adventures of Brian (Our Elf)

 We started doing Elf on the Shelf ten years ago for our first Christmas in Iowa when John was five years old and in kindergarten and Sam was 15 months. It had recently become popular and I thought it was a cute tradition to start in our family. I was right; it has been fun to do, but I think next year will be our last with our elf (who John named "Brian"; I don't remember why). John obviously outgrew it awhile ago but it's still fun to do with Sam, although he's outgrowing it too. I think age 12 for him and twelve years of doing it will be a good time to say goodbye. I wish I had some younger kids to continue the tradition with, but I don't, so it will be an earlier retirement to the North Pole for Brian! Lucky elf! 

Anyway. Brian found some pretty cool spots to hang out in last month.

He blended right in here. Do you see him? 

It took Sam awhile to find him, and that was only after playing a thrilling game of "hot or cold" with me. 😆

He could see just about everything from up there--kitchen, dining area, family room.

This was my personal favorite spot, nestled in between the owls and books.

Chillin' with Frosty and the woodland creatures

Do you see him in the tree? Is this starting to feel like Where's Waldo or a Dr. Suess book? 😆

Brian likes to get high. LOL, I kid, I kid.

As fun and cute as Brian is, it can never be forgotten that this is what my true feelings have always been on the matter:

{This is one of my favorite Christmas memes! 😂}