Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Pets in December

 It's hard to do a pet post without Boo Boo in it, but nevertheless, I will press on...

I got a holiday collar slide for Violet. Isn't it cute? It lights up too. She's my pretty little lady.

Bentwood loved laying under the Christmas tree all month. I'm sure he's missing it now.

Violet investigated the new dishwasher when it was delivered. Along with me, she approved. πŸ‘

On Christmas Eve, there were a lot more presents under the tree, but Bentwood nestled his way in anyway. 
I made it easier by leaving a space for him. He's a gift too, after all. πŸ˜‰ 

Here's Violet on Christmas morning with her giant bone. She and Boo Boo have always liked getting their own big bone on Christmas. I like to think that Boo Boo got an even better one in heaven.

It was too big for her dainty little mouth to hold for too long! πŸ˜„

After the presents were opened, Bentwood had the under-the-tree space all to himself again. Here he is with one of his Christmas gifts, which was a set of three soft little ball toys that he's been having fun batting around.
{Don't look too closely at all of his fur on the velvet edging of the tree skirt!}

And then there were two. 😒

"I am kitty, here me ROAR!"

Violet had eaten most of the bone by the end of the day.

Violet, Bentwood, and Sam on Christmas evening 

Violet kept me company on the couch as I read and napped for most of Christmas afternoon and evening. She's a good companion.

This was six days later on New Year's Eve, which we also spent together on the couch, reading (I finished up Mayflower) and watching TV (Dickensian--it was so good!).

I'm thankful for the companionship of loyal and loving pets in my life. We'll all be together forever. That will be heaven, literally! 
(Christy, Brody, Bentwood, Yogi, Boo Boo, and Violet)