Friday, January 22, 2021

The Christmas Star

 I think it's really neat that we had a "Christmas star" to end the crazy year of 2020. What a beautiful symbol of hope and peace for those who choose to see it that way. The ideal night to watch it was December 21st, but the sky clouded up that evening so I wasn't able to see it. The next evening, however, was bright and clear and I could see it perfectly. It was neat to see Jupiter and Saturn so close to each other with the naked eye. I wish I'd had a telescope so that I could spot some of their moons or maybe Saturn's rings. Maybe next time, in 2080, when I'll be 100. 👵

Do you see it? It's that bright white spot in the sky in the middle of the picture, above the tree. It was my phone camera, I did the best I could! 

In this picture you can see the two planets side by side a lot better.

I love these thoughts from President Nelson about it.