Friday, January 8, 2021

Sam and Spot

 Sam spotted (pardon the pun) a big stuffed giraffe at Target the week before Christmas and fell in love with it. I'd already bought all of his presents, but he kept talking about this giraffe for days after and how much he wanted it, so in the Christmas spirit of generosity, I went back and got it for him, and it was waiting for him in its huge gift bag by the tree on Christmas morning. Needless to say, Sam was thrilled! 

I don't mind a single bit that Sam hasn't outgrown stuffed animals yet (to be honest, neither have I!). He's my last child and I'm not eager for him to grow up too fast. As his mother, I love his innocence and sweetness with things like this. Times have been tough in the world and in our family, so I have no problem with us periodically indulging in good things that bring comfort. Life is too hard and too short not to!  

Sam is a snuggler and cuddler. I've loved that about him ever since he was a baby. He's my favorite person to snuggle with. For his favorite person/thing to cuddle with, I'm pretty sure that I've been replaced by Spot. 😆

Welcome to the family, Spot! 😁😉🦒