Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Christmas 2020 Randoms

 In 2019 I started the tradition of burning an advent candle during December after seeing the candle in the Bas Bleu catalog. I ended up getting two more when they went on clearance awhile later, and I'm glad that I did because they weren't for sale anymore last season. So I was set for Christmas 2020 and I'm set for Christmas 2021 too. πŸ™Œ

It was an unexpected delight to pull out of the CVS parking lot in town one day right behind a guy dressed up as Santa riding his motorcycle, complete with Rudolph on the back and the motorcycle all decked out for the holidays. It totally made my day. It practically made the whole season! I love it when people do fun, selfless things like this!

I took a picture of the candle's progress every five days. Because I'm weird like that.

The snowy Saturday afternoon that I wrote out Christmas cards couldn't have been more perfect! 

Sign of the times 

December 10th

I liked these two nativity sets at The Wayside Inn gift shop. Next season if they're still selling it I might buy the smaller one in the second picture to add to my collection. I do have a place for it!

Candles make me happy!

December 15th

Waiting at the pizza place for my takeout order

I made brownies with Christmas sprinkles. As usual, the boys devoured them. I think this was the only Christmas baking I did this year.

December 20th

December 23rd is a great day too. The eve of my favorite day of the year!

My mom showed me this old family picture on Christmas Eve. Those are her three older brothers and her older sister. What a great classic photo!

Santa practicing social distancing πŸ˜†

Me too Charles, me too.