Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Love is in the Hair...

 ...it is Valentine's Day after all! 😉

Here's a funny one to start!

This is from the day that the motor on the furnace stopped working and had to be replaced, and the house got down to about 55 degrees in the interim. My L.L.Bean sherpa cloak came in handy that day!

I wear either this gray zip-up sweater or a down vest pretty much every day during the late fall/all winter/early spring. On especially cold days, I wear both! I've been keeping the house at 66 for most of the winter to help cut down on astronomical energy bills. Brrrrr!

This was on the day I gave a talk in my newly created ward--I was one of the inaugural speakers! 😁 

I spoke about how Christ can calm our storms in life, or He can calm us to be able to weather our storms effectively (ask me how I know this 😄). I was happy with the talk and with my delivery of it, and I received many kind and genuine compliments that meant a lot to me. It was a good experience.  

Do you see my mom? 👀

I love my office and its built-in bookshelves that are full of my books. This is the room I'll miss the most when I move.

This was a good hair and jewelry day for me (if I do say so myself 😉). So of course I took selfies.