Wednesday, February 8, 2023

A Full Month of Wrestling with Not One But Two Sons!

 January's calendar was full of wrestling meets for John and Sam--mostly John, but some for Sam too, and a few events where they were both involved. It was all a little bittersweet since this is John's senior year and his high school wrestling career is coming to a close. I'm really going to miss it in the future. And this is the only year where both boys were wrestling for school teams together at the same time, so that was fun. I just wish it could have lasted for more than one season!

Just John

Some of the seniors on the team are in the center of the mat leading the team warm-up for a meet. John is on the left facing the left side.

John's Victory Arm Raises πŸ˜„
John has had a great season and has won the majority of his matches. I forget what his record is, but whatever it is, it's his best one yet. All of the off-season practices and the weight-cutting for the season have apparently been worth it! These are some of his post-win arm raises. 

A lot of the guys pace before their matches. John is one of them.

I really like this sequence of photos I got of John taking an opponent down and getting a pin.

Same day, different match.

He had three out of four wins by pin that day. 

Captains from both teams shake hands and meet with the ref at the start of each meet.

The team was huge this year, bigger than it's ever been while John's been in high school. 

This was a hard-fought match and it went into the third period. Fortunately John won it. 

More pins (and therefore wins 😁)

John shows good sportsmanship whether he wins or loses.

Sam/Both Boys

Sam had a middle school "wrestling jamboree" that a lot of schools were at. Middle school wrestling is more relaxed and much lower pressure than high school wrestling is. Sam didn't like it very much in December but he was a lot more comfortable and confident in January after he'd gotten more used to it, and he did well. I think he has a bright future in the sport if he chooses to continue with it, which I hope he does! 

John helped the middle school coach out with the coaching at this meet, which was fun for him. It was his first time coaching at a meet. I really loved seeing my boys out on the mats together.

It cracks me up how John was just chillin' on the mat with his phone when he wasn't coaching. πŸ˜†

On duty

Here was Sam at the beginning of his match. He's on the left. He won this one with a pin. I wish I had a picture of it but it happened so fast!

Bros πŸ’™πŸ’™

This was before a middle school meet. Sam is on the left. John is actually in this picture too, sitting in a chair on the right. The senior captains sometimes helped out at the middle school home meets.

Sam lost this match and got pinned, but he did well. He's a good, strong wrestler.

Both boys are in this picture.

I never thought I'd have boys who wrestle, but I sure am glad that I do! It was a fun and busy month. 🀼