Wednesday, February 15, 2023

MLK Day in NH

 How's that for a title of acronyms? 😀

The boys weren't with me on Martin Luther King Day, so my mom, Jennifer, and I went up to New Hampshire for the day to see Hayley. We ate a delicious lunch at Tucker's, where Hayley used to work. I'd never eaten there before and I really enjoyed it. The food was so good, fresh, and nutritious!

Then we went to an antique shop, where I walked right by these two big owls without even noticing them; can you believe that?! My owl radar was not working well that day. Jennifer and Hayley pointed them out to me and I'm glad they did. I ended up getting the smaller one and I really like it. It lights up! 

My family used to have this Fisher-Price toy. Seeing it brought back childhood memories.

I got the owl and two books--a Nancy Drew and a compact little volume of Shakespeare's plays, which makes for a nice addition to my collection of antique books.

I put the owl in my project room next to the glider that I like to read in on Sunday evenings with my Jane Eyre candle burning next to me. 

This is the glider that was in the boys' rooms when they were babies and toddlers. I've held them, fed them, rocked them, sang to them, and read to them countless times in this chair, and for that reason, it is a treasure to me and I hope to always have it! This is one of my happy spots in the house, and it's even "happier" now with that cool owl lighting up the space.

It was a fun way to spend MLK Day!