Thursday, February 16, 2023

Pretty Outdoor Scenes from Inside

Not to be negative or anything (which I will now proceed to do 😉), but this has been a disappointing, boring winter weather-wise. We haven't had a single major snowstorm, and February is now half over. The most notable thing that's happened was the record-breaking super-cold snap we had a couple of weeks ago when it dropped to well below zero. I'll take snow over that any day!

There have been a few days when there's been pretty snowfall. Even a dusting is something to get excited about these days. 

A beautiful sunrise greeted me through the kitchen windows when I came down one morning 😍

Note how it's January, but it looks more like springtime out there.

Another day, another picturesque, snowglobe-type of snowfall.

Violet is a good outdoor girl and the snow and cold don't seem to bother her. She's from Iowa after all, where it got a lot colder than it does in Massachusetts (that freezing cold weekend a couple of weeks ago notwithstanding!).

I think this picture shows the most snow we'd accumulated in January. Boo. But it's still pretty and it's better than nothing!

I shouldn't complain too much about the lack of snow. It's saved me money, and it's also saved me from extra stress since John is driving himself around everywhere now. I'll sacrifice my love of snow all winter long and take the clear dry roads for my new driver any day!