Monday, February 6, 2023

Around the House in January

I took the Christmas decorations down on New Year's Eve (because I had such fun NYE plans), but the tree was up until Monday, January 2nd. 

I was happy to see Bentwood come upstairs on his own to go lay under the tree for a little while. Ever since his brush with death in mid-December, he's mostly been staying down in the basement, so it's nice when he comes upstairs on his own.

He had some weird goopy stuff that came out of his eye for a couple of weeks after his ordeal that I regularly cleaned off, but he still resembled a zombie cat.

This is the sitting area in my room where I read my scriptures. 
I love that painting of Christ carrying the woman (that would be me 😁). I bought it a few years ago when it was clear that my husband was no longer the man he'd once been, and I felt so alone and abandoned. I look at this painting often and it never fails to bring me comfort. Christ is always with me and He will never abandon me, and He helps carry me through the hard times.

Another glimpse of my sitting area.

I bundled Violet up nice and cozy!

Here she is relaxing with Sam's dirty sock. 😆🤷 Girl, the blanket is way better!

Me too Vi, me too.

Sam hung down this giant snake from upstairs to try to startle me. It didn't work but I appreciated the effort.

The boys have fun wrestling together. John is a good teacher and Sam is a good student.

Sam before going to a meet. He was ready to rumble! 😄

Sam and Shane have a lot of fun together!

 John was coaching Sam and Rocco with some wrestling moves. They're on the middle school team together this year, and as a senior captain of the varsity team, John helps at their practices. We're hoping that Shane will join the team next year when he gets to middle school and then we'll have four wrestlers in the family!