Friday, February 5, 2021

Filling the Void...With a Papasan Chair

 Our family room has a large window that takes up a lot of space on the wall with nothing in front of it except for the Christmas tree during the holidays. I haven't minded this empty spot in the past, but it started bugging me more last month. It suddenly just looked so bare to me. I'm sure it was part of the post-holiday blues when everything feels a little emptier and more barren than before. 

Well, there is a foot massager there. 😄

It looks fine like this, especially when the morning light is shining in, but like I said it had started feeling too empty to me. I'm certain that every space-loving interior decorator and real estate agent out there would disagree with me. 😂

So I decided to fill that particular void, but with what? A recliner or armchair would be too big and bulky, and it would be hard to move it for the tree every year. A pretty little bench or storage ottoman felt inadequate and a little impractical since I don't need toy storage for little kids anymore and there's a place for everything else. Then the lightbulb turned on and I thought about a papasan chair, which is light and easy and doesn't take up too much space while still filling the space nicely. It would also be easy to move to another room when it was time for the Christmas tree. Perfect!

I wish I'd thought of this months ago when I was searching for a reason to buy a heavily discounted Pier 1 papasan chair when their stores were going out of business. I really wanted to get one, but I couldn't justify it because I had no good place for it (or so I thought). I should have bought one anyway because the papasans were all gone on their website when I looked last month. And there were hardly any online--I checked local furniture store websites and they don't sell them. But wonderful Wayfair came through for me. They didn't have a big selection, but I was able to get a good papasan through them. It was a little more than I wanted to pay, but I think it was worth it. Also, the cushion color wasn't the one I wanted, but I bought what was available, which was a pale neutral gray, and it looks fine. They sell papasan cushions in other colors so I may buy one in the future that coordinates better with the window treatments and the couch. But for now, I'm happy with the gray, and with the chair. We all are!

Behold the papasan. 😆

The other thing I like about it is that it provides a little more seating. Before it was just the couch. And the gaming chair I guess, but only the boys use that, or me when I want to sit in front of the fire. Now I can cuddle up by the fireplace bundled up in the papasan!

The boys like it. They wanted to use it as soon as it was set up. They can both fit in it at the same time, but Sam wasn't having that, so they took turns. 😄  

It's cozy and comfortable! I'm looking forward to curling up here with a book or to watch TV or a movie, or to just hang out with family and friends or myself.

Bentwood approved too. It's not his beloved Christmas tree, but at least it's something to lay under, which cats like to do.

Let's hear it for filling up the voids in our lives, whether they be physical or intangible; let's fill them up! 🙌