Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prince Edward Island Posts

This list of my Prince Edward Island posts is mostly for me than for anything else. I want to have them all listed and linked in the same place for easy access. I really enjoyed putting these posts together. This is one of the things I love about blogging--the opportunity it gives for writing and reflection, for storing your memories through words, pictures, and website links, and being able to share those things with the world. (Incidentally, visits to my blog have doubled since I started writing these posts. I think I'm up in the 100s on almost a daily basis now. Wow, I'm really in the big leagues of the blogosphere now! Ha ha. I don't care that much about the number of hits I get on my blog but it does interest me and can be validating.)

1. Our Cabin on Prince Edward Island

2. Those Famous Red Cliffs!

3. Brotherly Love. Not!

4. Donna of Avonlea

5. Adventures with Stilts

6. Family Pictures at Avonlea

7. Animals of Avonlea

8. Dune Walk

9. Anne of Green Gables Museum + A Special Carriage Ride!

10. The Haunted Wood

11. Sunsets by the Ocean

12. Stumbling Upon an Author's House

13. Saturday Was a Special Day (the PEI Version)

14. Beautiful French River

15. River of Love

16. My Penultimate Prince Edward Island Post

17. Goodbye PEI