Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stumbling Upon an Author's House

One afternoon at Prince Edward Island when I was out by myself running some errands (i.e., mostly shopping for fun), I stopped at this cute Green Gables post office that was just up the road from our cabin.

Little did I know that behind the post office was a scenic path through the woods that led to the site of Lucy Maud Montgomery's home where she grew up and wrote Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. This was something we completely missed on our honeymoon, and I'm not sure how, because it's practically next door to where our cabin was, just set further back from the road in the woods. What a neat discovery this was to (finally) make!

It turned out that this path was actually a short cut that Lucy herself took to walk to and from her house to her church and probably to other places in the town of Cavendish.

The house in which Lucy Maud lived with her maternal grandparents no longer stands, but the cellar foundations are there and it's been well marked and maintained. It's really neat to see the place (well, sort of see it) where she wrote some of my favorite stories. 

"The window of my dear old room opens on a world of wonder and beauty. Winds drift by with clover scent in their breath, the rustle of leaves comes up from the poplars, and birds flit low in joyous vagrance."

The surrounding scenery is beautiful and I could see what L.M. Montgomery meant when she wrote about her window opening "on a world of wonder and beauty," especially with the beautiful red cliffs that border the sparkling ocean nearby, not to mention all the lovely greenery and rolling hills that surround the homestead site.

I love trees and so I love this quote!
  I also love a classic white picket fence.

What a great discovery this special place was to make. I consider it one of my personal successes of the trip!