Thursday, October 11, 2012

Anne of Green Gables Museum + A Special Carriage Ride!

(This picture is a little crooked because I took it during the carriage ride and it was bumpy at times!)
My Prince Edward Island posts haven't come to a close yet! There are a few more left. I have to document all of my favorite things that we did there; eventually I plan on getting this blog printed into a book, so it will be good to have those kinds of things in my blog book. Plus Prince Edward Island is an awesome place and deserves as many blog posts as possible. :-)

One of the things we did at PEI this summer that we also did on our honeymoon there ten years ago was to return to the Anne of Green Gables Museum and go on "Matthew's Carriage Ride." (If you don't know what that is, then you need to watch or read Anne of Green Gables!). The Museum is a house that Lucy Maud Montgomery spent a lot of time in when she was growing up (it was her aunt and uncle's house) and she got married there. Couples come from all around the world (most notably, from Japan) to marry there as well. It's nicely maintained and it has beautiful views.

"The wonder castle of my childhood." ~L.M. Montgomery. I love that!

Peter, the boys, and my mom walking over to the carriage pick-up area.
We went on an old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage ride across beautiful green meadows and past shining lakes that dropped us off at the ocean shore for about 15 minutes, and then it took us back to the museum. Our "Matthew" was a kind older man who my mother enjoyed talking with the whole time and with whom we discussed things like Canada's socialized medicine program. He was very nice to us inquisitive Americans!

Some views of the landscape as we drove toward the ocean:

I don't think I'd mind living there!

 The ocean comes into view over the rolling green hills:

Once we arrived at our drop-off spot we climbed out of the carriage and greeted the horse, who was huge! And very beautiful. The power and strength of these animals amazes me.

And now for my favorite pictures, which were taken down on the beach. 

I love this picture of my family! It's almost perfect except for the fact that Sam is looking away, staring at the lovely red cliff behind us. I may have to Photoshop his cute little face in.

A "Little Boy by the Ocean" shot. I love those!

John liked the caves that were at the bottom of the cliffs. He wasn't feeling well and he fell asleep leaning against my mother on the ride back. Poor kid!

It was a beautiful place and a memorable experience, and if you ever visit Prince Edward Island, I highly recommend doing this!