Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Adventures with Stilts

Walking on stilts is hard to do. We found that out firsthand at Avonlea Village, where we had a fun time making fools of ourselves as we attempted to do some stilt-walking. It's harder than it looks!

After a few tries, Peter was able to stand on them for a few seconds while hunched over with his butt sticking out...

John got some help from a skilled stilt-walker...

And check out this great sequence of pictures of my mother's attempt!

Step 1: Step onto the stilts.

Step 2: Stand on the stilts while holding your balance and trying to take a step.

Step 3: Fall off the stilts. Ha ha!

Still, she did better than I did. Everyone did better than I did! It turns out that stilt-walking isn't one of my talents. That's okay; I think I can live without it. :-)