Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Goodybe PEI

Today I write my final post about Prince Edward Island, at least as far as our Summer 2012 trip is concerned. I hope to write new posts five years from now when, if all goes as planned, we return for our 15th anniversary.

I almost always find the beginning of vacation to be better than the end and I always get nostalgic for it by the time the vacation is almost over. I think it helped this time that our last few days there didn't have great weather, so in that sense, it made it a little easier to leave. But I still didn't want to leave!

These are a few random pictures that didn't fit into any of the other posts I wrote but I wanted to include them here on my blog.

Here's a picture of the Canadian skyline that I took on our drive up to PEI. We were still a few hours away from getting there. We ate lunch at a cute little place and this was the view across the street.

The island has such pretty landscapes. This is how it looks as you drive down the streets all around the island. How I love the scenery of Prince Edward Island! 

I took the following two pictures at one of the amusement parks we went to. I thought these little yellow flowers blanketing the ground were so pretty. Who knew an amusement park could be so picturesque? 

A little stream flows through it...

An Island phone booth. Love it!

On the day that we left, we dropped Peter off at the airport because he was flying back to Iowa. It was sad to say goodbye to him, knowing we wouldn't see him again for weeks. My mom and I made the two-day drive with the kids back down to Massachusetts, where we stayed at her house for the next few weeks until our annual summer vacation on Cape Cod when Peter flew back out to re-join us. 

There's a really long bridge that connects PEI with mainland Canada. It's called the Confederation Bridge and it's eight miles long, one of the longest in the world. That's what we drove over as we said goodbye to this very special place with somewhat heavy hearts. Have I mentioned that I hate the end of vacation?

These were my views from the car as we drove over the bridge...

You can just barely make out the island's coast in the distance. Can you see it?

This picture gives you a better idea of what the bridge looks like and how long it is:

Sam was a peach on the drive back. {Written with a heavy dose of sarcasm.} He was indeed a peach when he was sleeping, but that didn't happen nearly enough on this road trip!

John was pretty good. Most of the time. When he wasn't mercilessly teasing Sam.

It was hard to leave this beautiful island that holds so many treasured memories for us as a couple and now as a family. It was a wonderful trip and I'm so thankful that we were able to do it. I'm really looking forward to returning again (and again, and again) in the years to come. Who knew that you could be "kindred spirits" with a place? (Anne Shirley did, that's who. There--I got in one last Anne reference! This goodbye post wouldn't have been complete without it!) Goodybe PEI--I can't wait to visit you again in a few years!