Monday, October 22, 2012

Saturday Was a Special Day (the PEI Version)

The Saturday that we spent on Prince Edward Island this summer was one of my favorite days. We went out to breakfast at a very popular place, the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company. (And yes, Peter and I ate there on our honeymoon, just in case you were wondering!). They have THE BEST preserves and jellies. We had many jars of it shipped home. We'll probably order our jelly from there in the future too. It's that good!

This place is also right next to one of my favorite, most scenic spots on the whole island. I'll be doing a separate post about this spot because I got some really beautiful pictures there, but these are a few pictures I took that morning.


Next we went to a nearby toy shop called "The Toy Factory" for the kids. This place was so cute. John and Sam had fun playing with the toys and John got to make his own toy car.

LOOK AT THIS! I finally figured out how to do photo collages on my blog!

Then we made an awesome discovery, one of my favorites during our week there. We went to The Great Canadian Soap Co., where we got to see the cute goats whose milk is used to make wonderful, pure, chemical-free health and beauty products, most notably soaps. I have a soft spot for goats as well as for chemical-free products, so this place was perfect for me. I plan on ordering our soap and bath products from there from now on. Their products are amazing! I went home with about a year's supply of different types of soaps, body scrubs, and bubble baths. (Mini-lecture time: Did you know that most soaps on the market are full of detergents and chemicals that can be harmful to the skin and the body? Go as organic and chemical-free as you can when it comes to what you eat and put on your body. I'm far from perfect at it but I'm a big believer in that and have been for years.)

Look out, here comes another awesome collage!

Those cute little goats were very interested in Sam's snack cup.

We got to feed the most adorable baby goats from bottles. Precious!

This was the day that I discovered L.M. Montgomery's house right near our cabin. That was in the afternoon, after we did the above things. Can you see why this was one of my favorite days? And it's not over yet. In the evening, Peter and I went out to a very nice dinner at Dalvay by the Sea, which is known as "The White Sands Hotel" in the Anne movies and the show Avonlea. We were going to spend a night there in honor of our tenth anniversary, but we decided to just go for dinner. We definitely will stay a night or two there the next time we go. It's a historic, beautiful place!

I love the huge wrap-around porch!

Will and Kate came here on their royal tour of Prince Edward Island in 2011. They've got nothing on us! Riiiight.
It was an overcast, rainy evening, which made Dalvay look rather mysterious.

That Saturday was a wonderful, special day, full of fun things, beautiful views, and good food. And now, very good memories, too.