Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beautiful French River

"Before you is French River, one of PEI's most famously picturesque fishing villages. Among the area's most unique features is the contrasting yet complimentary combination of water view and farmland within a single vista. It's this gentle mix that has led French River to become one of the Island's most sought after locations for artists, photographers, and visitors alike."

This was a beautiful spot that we happened upon one day during our stay at Prince Edward Island this summer. It was lovely, and I think it would have been even more so in the pictures I took if it had been a sunny, clear day. I liked the combination of the river with the ocean stretching out in the distance behind it, and the red and green farmland and the colorful fishing shacks added such charm to the view.

This is also the spot where Sam decided to pull down his shorts for a rather interesting photo opp when he got upset about something. Crazy kid!
And here is a lovely picture of Sam (with his shorts pulled up but still upset) and me (with my eyes closed and my hair blowing crazy in the breeze). In this case the view was nicer looking than the people visiting it were!

As pretty as this spot was, my favorite is still the river near the Prince Edward Island Preserve Co. that I mentioned a few days ago. It doesn't have the ocean right near it, but it is gorgeous. I'll do a post about that next week--stay tuned for what I think are some very pretty pictures of a very pretty place (on this very pretty island. Sorry, I couldn't resist!).