Sunday, September 30, 2012

Animals of Avonlea

Are you tired of my Avonlea posts yet? You're not? Good, that's what I was hoping to hear!

I actually thought I was done posting about our day at Avonlea, but there was a petting zoo there and I love animals. I wasn't going to do a post about them, however, but then I came up with the title "Animals of Avonlea," which I thought was pretty cute, so that changed my mind. When brilliance strikes, you have to go with it

Okay, thanks for bearing with me. Now on to the animals of Avonlea.

There were pretty doves...

 And the cutest little bunny rabbit...

We were impressed by these two huge horses. This picture doesn't do them justice. They were enormous! And very shiny and beautiful.

Sam chased the farm cat around, trying to share his drink with it. The cat was not interested.

 This goat took a liking to Peter.

 Sam also offered his drink to the chickens. How generous!
 John made friends with some cute piggies.


 And this was the sweetest dog who patiently tolerated everyone who wanted to pet her. 

We had such a nice time that day! At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, Avonlea Village really does have something for everyone!