Monday, September 29, 2008

A Feeling of Foreboding

I don't know if it's the coming month of ghoulish October or the current economic crisis or what, but ever since yesterday I've had this spooked feeling, like something bad is going to happen. It's been unsettling and it's driving me a little crazy. Have you ever had that intuitive feeling that something just isn't right, like something bad is going to happen? That's how I've been feeling, and I'm SPOOKED because of it!

A couple of weird things set this in motion:
1. An anonymous weirdo commented on a friend's blog yesterday and left comments that make you remember that there are some angry, strange people out there. That creeped me out a little.

2. Yesterday evening all of a sudden the power went out in our family room and garage. We couldn't figure out why. So the room has been dark and silent, which has been weird, unusual, and kind of depressing. No TV, no music, nothing. (Fortunately tonight we got it fixed!)

3. Last night while I was downstairs at the computer I had a strange, subtle feeling that I was being watched or under surveillance or something. I had Peter come downstairs and stick around nearby so that I'd feel better.

4. This was weird! I was laying in bed last night, and my closet doors suddenly opened with a creak all by themselves. Peter got up to see if it was the cat, but it wasn't. I couldn't get to sleep for like an hour after that! Could my house be haunted? The former owner died unexpectedly in the front yard a few years ago.

5. There was overcast weather today, which normally I don't mind, but today it just contributed to that scary foreboding feeling I was having.

6. My car was beeping today while I was driving it and I couldn't figure out why. My seat belt was on, so it wasn't that. It was as if the car was trying to tell me, "Look out! Danger! Look out!" It creeped me out.

7. My dog and two cats have been acting a little differently, especially the cats.

It just feels like things have been knocked off their regular angle a few degrees. I hate this feeling! So tonight I found out something interesting: my sister's house up in Massachusetts caught on fire this morning, and the whole house could have burnt down if my sister hadn't come home at the random unusual time that she did. Could my foreboding feeling have been about that? Or was it the Dow's record fall today because Congress didn't pass the bailout plan, possibly putting this country on the path to a major depression? Or both, or something still to be determined? I guess time will tell. If I die in the next week, you'll know that I foretold it.