Monday, October 15, 2012

The Haunted Wood

One of my favorite scenes in Anne of Green Gables is when Anne and Diana walk home from school through the "haunted wood" and get completely freaked out and Anne falls and twists her ankle--that scene in the movie cracks me up every time! While we were at Prince Edward Island this summer, my mother, Sam, and I took a walk though the Haunted Wood at Green Gables (John wasn't feeling well so Peter stayed home with him). I don't know about haunted, but it sure was pretty!

My mom and Sam. We took turns carrying him whenever he got tired of walking on his own. It was a good workout!

 I'm a sucker for sunlight filtering down through green leaves and illuminating them with their golden light--it's so pretty!
When we reached the end of the trail we came out to this lovely scene. I love the rolling green hills on this island!

Then we headed back the way we'd come.
Hmmmm, where could they be?

It was a nice walk. There's another walk through the woods there called "Lover's Lane" that Peter and I took a walk on on our honeymoon. We wanted to come back and do that that week but the weather wasn't good the last few days we were there. Oh well--next time we'll do it for sure!

The Green Gables house was nice too. This used to be L.M. Montgomery's relative's house and it's now used as a museum.

Anne's room!

Pretty views.

I'm also a sucker for picnic table photography. Bear with me.

The steps lead down to the Haunted Wood trail.
It was a fun afternoon! This is definitely another thing to add to your To Do List if you ever visit the island.