Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Fun in Hyannis!

Our Cape house is a short drive down backroads to the cute downtown area of Hyannis, which has a fun Main Street to walk up and down that is full of unique shops and restaurants. My mom, Sam, and I did this a couple of times last summer and it always made for an enjoyable outing.

An artistic ode to the seagulls...

...and the whales.

I saw these funny candies in a candy shop and they made me laugh.
"Shark Poop, Seagull Poop, Crab Crap, Whale Poop."
I'm going to buy a bag or two of these for the boys this summer because it totally fits their potty-leaning sense of humor (and mine too I guess!).

There's a fun little area with kiddie rides, a bounce house, and a carousel.
This ride was cute.
Sam went around and around and around, which was pretty exciting at first...

...but after about the tenth rotation, he started to get a little bored. Ha ha!

I asked Sam for one of his sweet smiles and got this instead:

We chilled out in a giant rocking chair.

There was a brand-new cupcake shop in town called "Little Miss Cupcape" that was so cute inside.

Even the bathroom was cute!
Just look at these adorable little cupcake chandeliers on either side of the mirror!

{Yes, I take selfies in public bathrooms when they're as cute as this one was!}

Sharks are popular on the Cape, due in part to a little movie called Jaws that was filmed here 40 years ago. 
Few things are better on vacation than good tourist props! 

This was a pretty hilarious moment with my mom!

Speaking of tourist stuff, I totally want to do a Duckmobile ride this summer. I know that it probably wouldn't show me anything new, since I'm really not a tourist anymore--I've been going to the Cape every year for over a decade and now we own a house there--but there is something undoubtedly thrilling to me about a big bus driving into the water and turning into a boat! I am not embarrassed about this. This is going to happen this summer.

We spent some time at the harbor when we took our harbor cruise.

I think these two pictures of the boys getting eaten by a shark are so cute! Ha ha.

And we got our annual picture of the boys on the carousel at the Cape Cod Mall (which is in Hyannis).
(Sometime I'll have to do a blog post with their annual pictures on this carousel from the last ten years!)

They didn't want to ride horses this time; they wanted to spin like crazy in this spinny thing. (Barf!)

Pretty flowers on a trellis outside of the mall.

Peter and I also ate at a wonderful new restaurant in downtown Hyannis that my sister Jennifer and her husband Adam had recently discovered. They gave us a gift card to it for Christmas and so we tried it out. It was our first time going to a Brazilian steakhouse. The food was FANTASTIC. Thinking about it right now practically makes my mouth water. I have no pictures, only fond culinary memories, but I do have a link to the restaurant's website: Brazilian Grill. We will definitely eat there again!

And that sums up the fun we had in Hyannis last summer! It's one of my favorite towns on the Cape!