Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chillin' In My Mom's Yard

When we go to Massachusetts in the summers it has become our tradition (by "our" I mean the kids and me) to stay at my mom's house for about two weeks before going to the Cape. She lives in a nice little historic town (what town in MA isn't historic?) that's a few towns away from my hometown of Hopkinton, in a pretty little house that's over 100 years old. It's always nice to stay there (one bathroom and all, ha ha). 

In the summer there's a nice variety of wildflowers growing in the yard that I enjoy photographing.

I caught a bee on this one.

There's always an abundance of green in the summers...

Interspersed with the beauty of nature is good old-fashioned store-bought fun.
The sloping little hill on the side of the house that's pictured above turned out to be great for a Slip 'n Slide.

John liked to do running dives down the slide...

while Sam took a more cautious approach. 

But John encouraged him to up his game, so he did.

That's progress!
(Even though his run didn't evolve into a slide. Baby steps!)

 John shows us how it's done!

Success! Sam actually slips and slides! 

Some fun action shots...

It's also fun to have Master Blaster water fights with Uncle Nate!... 

...and read in the hammock...

...and use the water from the Slip 'n Slide as your personal water fountain. Sam!!  

I will always equate my mom's yard with summertime beauty, fun, and relaxation!