Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Harbor Cruise

Last summer we did something on the Cape that we'd never done before: we went on a harbor cruise! It was an informative and easygoing hour-long trip around Hyannisport. We got to see the Kennedy homes (from a distance) and the shorelines, including our shoreline--the one at "our beach" that is near our house. It was neat to see what our beach looked like from way out in the water.

{This is a picture-heavy post! I did my best to edit it but I like too many of the pictures I took that day to give them the editor's cut. Brevity be darned!}

Pulling away from the dock...I love this shot!

Vibrating boat ripples on the water...

The ferries dock here, but they were out doing their ferrying then.

This lighthouse is cute. I'm not sure if it's actually functional or not.

A longtime favorite house of mine.

Remember that super-cool beach I wrote about on Monday? Well, there it is! This time we were on one of the boats cruising by and making the waves. 

 "My boat is bigger than your boat."

Aargh (matey)! There's that pirate ship, taunting me yet again with the fact that we still haven't gone on it. This summer it WILL happen!

A big frothy white stripe left by another boat. 

Those buildings behind all of the boats are where JFK's Secret Service agents and all the press people would stay back in the day.

One thing I can't quite figure out is how do people get to and from their boats easily?
Ferrying trucks back to the mainland from the Vineyard or Nantucket (or both).

 I know this is distant and not that informative, but the Kennedy compound and other mansions of high-profile people are over there. By high-profile I mean JFK and Jackie, Robert F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Maria Shriver, and people like the inventor of panythose and the former Gap COO. That was and still is quite the high-profile neighborhood!

A Kennedy sailboat. 

Nothing but water, as far as the eye can see. On the other side of that is Europe! So close (??), yet so far away.

This mansion-house pretty much has this island all to itself.

That bunch of trees and line of sand in the left half of the photo is where our beach is!
{I really should get a telephoto lens for my camera!}

Right there!

And there! 

 There's the big mansion that's built at the end of our beach. This mansion is in many of my beach photos from the summer because (duh) it's at the end of our beach. It was neat to see it from this angle rather than from the side like we always do when we're at the beach.

It's an interesting and atypical style of mansion-house on the Cape. 
I like it but I prefer the classic shingle style.

I love this house so much! 
I'd definitely take this one over the aforementioned mansion.  

With Peter's parents.

It was fun to do something new. We love our harbor!