Thursday, May 23, 2024

April Nature Walks

 It started to warm up in April a bit, though it was still pretty chilly overall. But nature-walk season was right around the corner, and I was eager for fresh air and got a head start on it!

I went for a walk on a trail near my house that's not really much of a trail. It's more just a big expanse of field and woods and stream with no defined trail through it except for the first several yards. I explored it and found some interesting things, like a big mound of animal fur, and a few minutes later, the skeleton of a deer (which I did not take pictures of). It was kind of creepy!

Evidence of deer doing their thing...

I came across a pretty grove of trees that had kind of a magical feel (even though many of the trees were mostly dead).

Old stone wall

Then I walked back across the street to my neighborhood and went home. It was a nice, refreshing walk.

On the afternoon of the Boston Marathon, it was pretty warm out, so I went for my first walk of the season on one of my favorite walking trails. It's a few minutes' drive from my house.

No leaves and greenery on these trees yet. It was coming, though.

And lastly, when we were on the Cape during April Vacation week, we went for a walk on the Cedar Swamp Trail in Wellfleet.

(It's prettier in summer.)

It was a good month to get the ball rolling on nature walks again. They're one of my favorite things to do. I'm glad that spring is now here, and nature walks can resume with regularity once again!