Friday, May 24, 2024

Cape House Updates + Neighborhood Pics

 I recently made a few small home improvements to the Cape house. One of them was making the ground-floor twin bedroom a little less flowery and feminine by taking down the side curtains and  leaving just the valance up at the top. I also replaced the old flowered comforters with nice new blue ones that have a super-soft white sherpa lining on the other side. I like the way it all looks. The blue and yellow are a nice contrast with each other.

It's always been a bright and cheerful room.

My long-term plans for this room are to paint it a nice warm shade of beige and turn it into my office and library room when I move here full-time in the future. I plan for my desk to be where the tall white dresser is.

And I'll have bookshelves line the walls where the beds currently are.

But for the next four to five years at least, it will remain a bright and cheerful bedroom!

I brought storage bins from home to organize the beach toys and finish that project.

Lots of beach towels! Amazingly, these haven't disappeared too much over the years. The bath towels have been more likely to go missing with renters than the beach towels have.

Organized and it feels so good! 😄

Things were afoot in the neighborhood as well. Two entire houses next door to each other were obliterated by construction machinery. I'm looking forward to seeing what goes up in their place in the coming months!

Here one day...

...and gone the next! And it really was completely gone. I was a little shocked by how quickly a place can disappear.

It's a large plot of land now that the two houses are gone. I wonder if a McMansion will be built there, or a couple of houses, or what. Time will tell!

Pretty forsythia bushes near the end of my street.

My Cape house is one of my happiest places. I'm so thankful that I was able to hold onto it in the divorce. I've always loved this house, and it's a blessing to have it in my life.

More pretty spring flowers, these ones in the yard. 😍 

The people who live in this house do pretty things with this table and chair set.

One more of the forsythia bushes on a different day. I wish they stayed in bloom all spring and summer long!

It would be nice to be at the house this weekend for Memorial Day, but I rented it out to friends instead.
I'll have my turns this summer!