Monday, October 23, 2023

September Walks in the Woods

 I got some pretty pictures on some of my woods walks last month...

This one was back in my old neighborhood. I took these pictures at the pond that's near the trail I like that goes through the woods. I miss this walk and these beautiful views and it was good to do it again.

These two pictures brought to you from the woods near where I pick up my CSA farm share bag each week...

A woods walk at the Cape on one of my favorite walking trails there (it's on a historic island that leads out to the sea).

I found this beautiful feather on a trail that's near my neighborhood. It was a treasure and I kept it!

This has become my new favorite and most frequently walked trail. It's only a few minutes' drive from my house.

I mean, really? 😍😍😍 

I'm so thankful for the peace and good health that walking in the woods and observing the beauties of nature brings into my life. It truly feeds my soul!