Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Labor Day in Lexington

 I wanted to do something fun and different on Labor Day, and decided on a historical trolley ride in Lexington (the Liberty Ride Trolley Tour, to be exact). Sometimes you have to be a tourist in your own backyard in order to enjoy the things your area has to offer!

Our tour guide was so good and knowledgeable, and he had a great sense of humor, too. 

This house was important during the Revolutionary War, but I don't remember why exactly. It's so cool that it's still standing and looks much like it did back then, surrounding fields and woods included. Just ignore the anachronistic construction equipment out front. 😆

This was another important house. The opening battles and skirmishes of the war happened right here in these areas. I can picture the troops marching through.

I'll always love and appreciate the beauty and history of ancient stone walls.

This is the famous Old North Bridge where the first shots of the war from the U.S. (or more accurately at that time, "the colonies") towards the British were fired on April 19, 1775. Consequently, this is where the first British soldiers in the war were killed.

More anachronisms, but they work!

As a mother of sons especially, this touches my heart.

Sam and my mom on the bridge

The bridge spans the beautiful Concord River.

I wish I could be a time traveler and see what happened here all those years ago. Who knows, maybe we could see some of these momentous events from our pre-existent state in heaven? And/or maybe we'll be able to look back and see them in the next life, like a history movie of Earth? It's fun to speculate.

The trolley was really nice and the tour and guide were excellent. I highly recommend this tour.

Adorable teddy bears in the gift shop. I resisted the temptation and got a couple pairs of pretty little patriotic earrings instead. But maybe next time!

We ate a delicious lunch at a Bertucci's down the street after the tour. After that, I wanted to hike around Walden Pond in Concord, but it being Labor Day, the lot was full and closed. It will have to be a pleasure that awaits for another day!